Top Monster Games to Try

Top Monster Games to Try

Top Monster Games to Try

A good video adventure is not successful without an angry villain. But the best ones swarm with all kinds of beasts to hunt down, battle, and slay! We’ve prepared a list of monster games to play. Fight hordes of savage creatures, slaughter witty brutes, or even become one of them!

Phoenix Point (2021)

Phoenix Point (2021)

macOS, Microsoft Windows, XBO, Stadia, PS4

In 2047 humanity struggles to survive under the attacks of terrible monsters. An alien virus turned sea animals into huge fish hybrids, capable of moving onshore. It’s a turn-based strategy, in which you create a base and hire soldiers to fight beasts off. Protect the civilians, blow up enemies’ nests and take on a variety of other missions. Watch this to get the hang of it:

Monster Games Category: Margonem (2019)

Margonem (2019)


A retro-styled RPG with a huge map and powerful monsters to slaughter. Customize your character, choose your profession (mage, paladin, etc.), and explore the world. Loot treasure chests, search for legendary ingredients, craft items, and upgrade your stats. There’s even a clan system that encourages you to form alliances and act together. It’s an online toy– no need to download anything. Besides, it’s available free of charge. Here’s the official teaser:

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (2020)

Vampire Wars (2020)

Windows, PS4, XBO, Nintendo Switch

The honorable family of Dracul controls people, drinking blood in a humane way. It’s a strategy in which you upgrade and protect your territories. There are terrible monsters that want to devour your men. And other bloodsuckers who respect only chaos and rivers of blood. Build troops, manage your kingdom and survive the waves of enemies. Enjoy this clear explanation of the basics:

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance (2021)

Dark Alliance (2021)

PS4/5, Microsoft Windows, XBO, Xbox Series X/S

This 4-player co-op RPG is all about slashing beasts that live in the dungeons. Set in the world of Icewind Dale, the adventure offers to explore numerous locations. There’re lots of paths to try, treasure chests to loot, and creatures to kill. Nice graphics, combat animations, and great music make it a pleasant journey. Embrace the classics: rediscover the magic of gaming with – emulator games collection.

Have a look at this video:

Doom Eternal (2020)

Doom Eternal (2020)

Microsoft Windows, Stadia, XBO, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PS4/5

Demons have conquered Earth, wiping out 60% of mankind. Save it by taking on a variety of missions which include intense and furious battles. Get primed for fast-paced and violent interactions with merciless demons. Upgrade your stats and enjoy one of the best FPS monster games ever. Explore the whimsical world of Skibidi Toilet.

Check out the trailer: