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🐉”Top Ten Monster Hunting Games” By Skylent – 2018

Skylent Games
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If you are brought here from the Monster Hunter series or otherwise, I think you’ll have fun with these games if you are a fan of hunting monsters! In these games spanning different platforms and themes, you will find a core focus of slaying big a$$ monsters.
Looking for games like Monster Hunter? Try these on for size!


Monster Hunter World
Horizon Zero Dawn
Shadow of the Colossus
Toukiden 2 / God Eater
Attack on Titan
Earth Defense Force
Dragon Project
Titan Souls

Honorable Mentions
Guild Wars 2
Witcher 3
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

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  1. oh i was waiting for witcher 3 to be number 2 so much so that monster hunter had a witcher cameo and dude what about devil may cry??????

  2. Dose anyone know the Leshen in the Witcher is in MHW

  3. Skylent, Planet Coaster is 75% off on Steam right now just letting everyone know

  4. Hahahaha… i dint expect to see Guild Wars… amazing

  5. Pretty excited for Dauntless, i hope it doesn't disappoint because i see alot of potential

  6. It would be cool if Pokemon made a spin-off game that embraces the Monster Hunter formula. Imagine hunting a gigantic Lugia or Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre and such

  7. I agree Bloodborne seems quite a bit more of Monster Hunter since you are literally hunting these beasts

  8. Dark Souls 3, Fallout 3, 4 and New Vages, and (correct me if I am wrong) Cuphead should have also made the list, or at the very least an honorable mention in my opinion.

  9. Freedom Wars.
    It's a Vita exclusive though 🙂

  10. you could make an argument for Gears of War. I would have

  11. Why always when i see a video and they talk about monster hunter like games on psvita they never mention soul sacrifice

  12. If you put Bloodborne in the list (which i don't disagree with) you can put Nioh as well.

  13. I would add Phantasy Star Online. Even though PSO2 is region locked currently, that can be gotten around with relative ease. Classic PSO also has private servers available that are totally legal at least in the US since SEGA abandoned their own servers. 🙂

  14. i think this list is dedicated to hunting monsters so why not add pokemon? you can hunt pocket monsters what about digimon? you can hunt digital monsters and why not add minecraft? you can hunt MOBs aka the monsters

  15. Skylent Games what music is in the back round it sound like tekken in the begining

  16. Did i miss something or did he really not include Evolve…

  17. Don't forget"Rangers of Oblivious" for ios

  18. I thought that it’s a vídeo about MH lol kkkkkk

  19. Evolve……………………………………

  20. "Honorable Mentions: Games that Include monster hunting but their focus isn't as much as all the other games on this list." So what you're saying is, basically Horizon Zero Dawn which was #2 for some reason.

  21. My top 5
    4:Attack on titan
    3:Horizon zero dawn
    2:monster hunter
    1:shadow of the colossus

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