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Playing as a monster in video games is always incredibly fun. There are many, but here are some of our favorite examples of monster games.
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  1. Nice how u dont write the names and i dont understand the 9th name.. dislike

  2. What about the destroy all humans remake

  3. Pretty sure this came out before it was released, but Carrion is a masterpiece of "I'm a huge scary meat monster and I'm gonna eat everyone"

  4. You definitely aren't Canadian if you think Geese aren't dangerous

  5. soooo…. nothing modern really.
    since you said there were so many vampire games, maybe you should do a top 10

  6. War of the monsters oh my god I miss that game. So many hours throwing a giant ship at other monsters 😜

  7. "He takes a human form but hes still a monster"
    vampires been real quiet…

  8. its better if you get the remake of destroy all humans

  9. when he said things like Godzilla and king kong I felt the disrespect what about the beast from 20000 fathoms with king kong I don't know if he's talking about the 1933 one or 1973 one but if it wasn't for the beast from 20000 fathoms there's a chance there would be no Godzilla its not just the nuking that inspired Godzilla tbf2f did too it handles something very much like Godzilla

  10. War of the Monsters was my childhood… That game DEFINITELY deserves a remake for the switch or PS5

  11. aww i was hoping you could be a spider in one of these… ive been looking for one for some reason (i dont get why i have this obsession but i really want it… best i can come up with is being able to use webs to a good degree and climbing anything would be fantastic). ive found a couple games but nothing truly cures this spider itch

  12. Still have the gameboy color version of Rampage called "Rampage: World Tour".

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