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10 BIGGEST Video Game Bosses of All Time

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Video game bosses are typically large, but these baddies are absolutely massive.
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  1. where tf is icon of sin from DOOM ETERNAL???

  2. Metal Gear EXCELSUS should take the #10 spot, I'm pretty sure it would be slightly bigger than the 16th Colossus. In the cutscene where it breaks out of the ground, a troop transport thing is shown to be only about the size of its foot or so. In fact, the only time you ever damage a part that isn't its swords or legs/feet(excluding the tiny bit of damage done to its head) is only when it gets destroyed.

  3. I would like to mention the Icon of Sin from Doom Eternal, basically every boss from Painkiller, the final bosses from Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2, Devil May Cry 4 final boss, etc. I still enjoyed this lineup though.

  4. Just think of how you pronounce words one time please. I'm sure you'd see a pattern with your speech homie…

  5. Why does the turtle mountain look bigger than every thing on this videos

  6. Shadow of colloses is frikn BOORRRIIINNGGG!!! and wank controls

  7. In God of war 3 that was atlas not kronos

  8. I was waiting for the Over G from Lost Planet 2 🙁

  9. have you seen the Vell from Black desert Online😂

  10. A lot of bias here. I am suprised as most of these games are pretty unknown to a wider audience.

  11. I want a full remake of path of neo,. Also enter the matrix was revolutionary. It's still considered one of the best PS2 titles most people only had a issue because you didn't play as neo

  12. Where's my man the fire giant from Elden Ring

  13. Late to the party on this one but I gotta say I'm amazed you didn't include The Leviathan from Resistance 2.

    It's not just the size of the damn thing – it's that you gotta remember that the Chimera are made from PEOPLE!

  14. Ah yes, Zorah Magdaros. The Burning Mountain Dragon. You start the fight running around on its shell poking at its weak spots while it literally erupts at you, dodging lava bombs and geysers before getting transported ahead to the barricades. It's a hectic fight, though you have to feel sorry for Zorah when you finally find out it's an old dragon at the end of its life on its way to the great graveyard of monsters, literally going to die, being pulled off course by the energy-hungry unborn Xeno'jiiva

  15. You left out the final boss of Blaster Master: Blasting Again, and Deus in Xenogears. The penultimate boss of Ratchet and Clank: up your arsenal is bigger than most of your examples, too.

  16. I know Falcon does it alot but this is some of the WORST mispronounced names and misspelled

    Adamantis bruh….that's a Tortoise

  17. If it were the scariest video game boss of all times , then Dahaka from Prince of Persia: warrior within will be right up at the top for me 💀💀💀💯💯💯

  18. Another big boss I remember is Necrogiant in Painkiller.

  19. The Horus Titan from Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores probably deserves a spot here.

  20. I know there's already a Final Fantasy entry on this list, but if you included a second entry it would have to be Sin from FFX. Sin is arguably bigger than Adamantoise, although it's hard to measure since there's nothing in the sky to really measure it against. The closest comparison I can think of would be in the FMV at Zanarkand when you get a shot of the big guy from Tidus's perspective. It's very similar to the perspective of looking up at Adamantoise from the ground.

  21. Ark survival evolved’s king titan should have been at least number 10 but I understand there is a lot of big game bosses xD

  22. I would of added the king titan from ark he's pretty big

  23. I cant resist if I see monster hunter in the thumbnail, I click

  24. The icon of sin from doom eternal is pretty big

  25. ARK: Survival Evolved with mods and new maps: Ouch-

  26. What about that big imprisoned monster in Star Wars the Force Unleashed II?

  27. I rlly feel like the king titan should be in here somewhere (from Ark)

  28. Volcano dude is not the biggest monster in all of monster hunter there are bigger and stronger

  29. At first i expected Dark Beast Ganon from Breath of the Wild, except the fight was crap

  30. What about the Ganondorf's final form in Tears of the Kingdom? The Demon Dragon is massive.

  31. I used to play an game in my childhood but can't remember the name. It wasn't online but it had 1v1 fights in which you could fly around and had to use a melle weapon to defeat your opponent. Does it ring any bells ? I really wanna find it back so thanks for any help.

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