10 COMPLETE Monster Taming Games That You Can Play RIGHT NOW! | 2022 - godsandmonstersgame.com

10 COMPLETE Monster Taming Games That You Can Play RIGHT NOW! | 2022

Gym Leader Ed
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In today’s video, we’re going to be discussing 10 Monster Taming games that are finished. No Early Access, No Beta, No Alpha. All of these titles are full games ranging from more traditional RPGs to those with their own unique gimmicks, whether it be monster fusion, customised playthroughs and more!

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  1. Would love to see some of these PC exclusives hit consoles. But I understand why some devs don't do that. Disc Creatures looks amazing.

  2. Disc creatures is fun thanks for bringing it to my attention. Can recommend just wish it had controller support. But its fine w keyboard try it out!

  3. Currently playing monster sanct. This game is just too good. Bought it 2 days ago and already have 15 hrs worth of gameplay. Cant recommend this enough

  4. Love how MHS 2 never addresses you kill the parents for clothes and steal eggs to train monster babies to kill more monster parents. Good shit.

    Great list though! Monster hunter, Digimon, and Nexomon 2 are the top 3 for me. I don't have a PC but I really want to try Abomination.

  5. おわたゃんねる(チャンネルではない) says:

    (Siralim Ultimate for Mobile Recently released☀)…💀

  6. This is, in my opinion, the best monster taming news channel ever. Thanks to you, I had discovered new games that I could play. Also, I like that your humor and confidence are growing over time. Keep up the good work!

  7. Heres an old relic Jade Cocoon 2 for playstation 2 it's a monster tameing game.

    Also kingdom heafts dream drop distance a wonderful game overall but it also has this side featutre you can tame theese dream being and color them the way you want if you feed them their eyecolor and shape change kinda like giving pokepuffs to pokemon…also theeae beings give you different skills you still fight like action combat but they kinda buff you. You also have to craft theese creatures from various items that mobs drop.

  8. Disc creatures would be good on switch……..or steam deck 😏

  9. Since Digimon is a series steeped in Monster Taming, it might be really nice to have a video where we talk about all the games (at least the monster taming ones) and how good/popular they are. I want to get into the series but don't know what games there are or what different kinds of gameplay exist.

  10. Yes, more videos about currently available games please. For myself it was Nexomon Extinction on my phone and then your channel while searching for dragons.

  11. Digimon had terrible translation and no way to skip the cutscenes or dialogue. Even the choices for the characters was poorly translated. Unless of Bandai changed that. lol

  12. Have the devs made improvements to Monster Harvest? Because unless there has been a huge overhaul that game is garbage. I would normally not be this mean but that game felt like a scam on release. And I'm not even talking about the boatload of bugs. There are less than 20 monsters to catch, the combat has about as much skill-expression as pong, and the story just went nowhere. No carrot, just stick. I love this channel's content, but every time Monster Harvest is recommended it just feels so jarring.

  13. Can confirm Monster sanctuary, Digimon cyber sleuth, And SMT5 are amazing games to try.

  14. Greatly appreciate this video, thanks for the list hope you make more.

  15. I would love to see more about completed games. So many I see are demos and "may eventually come out some days" or "We have two features completed but… play I guess?" And no shade to those, I just really prefer playing finished games. I've heard of almost all of the ones in this video so if you have more I'd love to hear about them.

  16. Please make a video on monster taming games on android on mobile

  17. I love DemiKids which was like the first shin megami game before they became shin megami… and I've always been intrigued by the evolved franchise but the demons in these games seem way more humanoid then in demikids; where you get a cool monster/demon partner and run into allot of demons that are creatures… are the demons in shin megami all mostly human like?

  18. Nothing can really beat a good Pokémon game. LEGENDS IS SO EPIC.

  19. Please make another one but it's mobile edition cuz I'm too poor to buy PC and consoles

  20. I miss Monster Rancher DX for Switch. Its also a fun game 😁

  21. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is my favorite of these and then Nexomon! =)

  22. I would love seeing another video (or two) like this. I often wish youtubers would focus more on the games that are actually available to buy and play (including early access titles) rather than hyping upcoming titles, where one does not yet know how good they'll be -they often end up not living up to expectations.

  23. I respect you Gym Leader 🙇🏽‍♂️ without you I wouldn’t have found Monster Sanctuary, Nexomon, PalWorld, Digimon, and so many more best Monster Taming Channel around no doubt and chillest Gym Leader 👌🏽🎮🔥

  24. At the end of your video. What was that game playing of beginning of end credits

  25. Ooooh isn't coromon out soon!? I'm pumped

  26. There aren't Digimon Story Games on Xbox 😞😞😞

  27. I'd LOVE to play Abomi Nation on the Switch! I could have sworn I saw it on the eshop the other day?

  28. The only games I liked from the list was nexomon 1&2 I can't wait to see what nexomon 3 is like.

  29. @Gym Leader Ed is there anything on the mobile Coromon realest or mobile mtg in general

  30. Emulators exist so that's no excuse for a classic list

  31. I wish Wild Frontier by KTH would get a reboot with features that are better leveling speed, higher capture rate for rare monsters, one affordable price, etc.

  32. can you battle people in neximon? because whats point of having a got battle crew when you cant fight anyone

  33. I don't suggest monster harvest. That game hasn't been updated in a year. It's good but not worth the price. There isn't much there

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