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10 Games Where YOU ARE THE BOSS [Part 2]

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Some video games really go a long way towards making you feel like a powerful video game boss. Here are some more of our favorite examples.
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  1. Celebrimbor it’s pronounced with a hard C which sounds like a K. The games been out a couple of years dude, probably even before this video.

  2. MGSV – SNAKE!!! Truly felt like a boss after completing the game

  3. Sad to see that he didn't mention crysis☹️☹️

  4. Force unleashed 2 you get to chop people up

  5. Being honest with you every time when I play Watch Dogs it makes me feel like boss because you can literally hack whatever you want

  6. Kinda said Skyrim didn’t make either list.. you’re literally the boss anything you fight a dragon you get your own boss music

  7. Tbh I don't feel that powerful in Infamous. Sure, you have loads of awesome powers but you can die in like 3 hits

  8. Virgil at the beginning of dmc 5 is basically what vecna from stranger things wants to be

  9. Can we just talk about your LOTR character pronunciations

  10. You definitely forgot about The Darkness series where you’re literally a mob boss with demon powers and get to control demons and eat peoples hearts with your personal demon arsenal

  11. I love these,but I don't get how Castlevania LOTS 2 is not here,like all Castlevania games makes u feel like a boss, but Lord of Shadows 2, OMG you are literally playing like the boss of all the other games (in a different universe and origin but still) and as you are recovering your power you feel more and more like an unstopabble boss

  12. I gave a like however I'm disappointed there's no mention of the sims

  13. imagine a prototype and infamous crossover

  14. Spider-Man from the ps4 game Ik he’s a good guy, but sometimes it’s like wait there were bad guys.


  16. I know I'm old but what about Streets of Rage where you can play as Shiva .. that was pretty cool

  17. Hell yeah someone finally mentions OVERLORD!! grew up playing it

  18. what abaout the 4 horseman of the apocalypse in Darksiders saga?

  19. When your the boss but all you do is make bad choices

  20. All the badass games don't have good graphics but you're still a badass so that's the only thing that counts

  21. I was going to say Shadow of War if you didn't put it on there because Talion is pretty much a god.

  22. Prototype and Matrix Path of Neo needs a remaster , infamous too but it already got some good graphics in it current state (inf 2 not 1)

  23. Isn't there more then two infamous games?

  24. Naruto ultimate Shippuden was the first game that made me feel like this. Turning into those giant beats against actually other players was dope

  25. I was just about to talk about the force unleashed but he already put it in

  26. What about man eater your a freaking mega shark when you evolve I’m not joking it’s called a mega shark

  27. Raiden is pronounced in all the mk games and u said it wrong still

  28. Prototype definitely should be in this list!

  29. why the hell isnt the e n t i r e god of war series in here

  30. Gameranx you forgot the punisher an amazing game that let's you Punish Scum.

  31. I feel like the darkness is an overlooked, underrated game

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