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10 Games Where YOU ARE THE BOSS

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Many great video games make you feel awesome, but the special ones make you feel like a game’s final boss. Here are some overpowered examples. Experience the nostalgia of classic gaming with play golden axe arcade online now.
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  1. Kriby beat the god of his Universe and many other god like beings

  2. Is louie C.K. narrating this video ?!

  3. If didn’t see doom I would’ve freaked out and doom slayer does have super human strengths you have to pay attention to the lore plus what normal Joe can rip a demons spine out

  4. You asked for another Saints Row game and you got it…and it sucked from what I heard

  5. bro you spoil gow 3 for me i am playing through it rn in 2023 and i i got it 2 days ago i love ripping everything appart and im up to the trials of watcha macall it

  6. You added the wrong doom game it's doom eternal

  7. soras wrath is a good game and the character is allways mad and when i play its so hard i get mad then we both in the same mood

  8. A good one to add to the list is lego Star Wars the sky walker saga there is a level where you play as Luke sky walker and the second player is darth Vader and you have to fight each other

  9. Solid list but gotta make room for Dante. Specifically in DMC3 or DMC5.

  10. The force unleashed, infamous games, prototype, and god of war are the ones that make me feel the most badass.

  11. Fun fact!
    They took a lot of the animations and mechanics from Hulk ultimate destruction and imported it into Prototype.

  12. Halo needs to be here because If you listen to the grunts you’ll hear them say “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES”

  13. Well the doom marine technically is super human he has enhanced physical ability like strength stamina and durability

  14. As a man who grew up with Dynasty Warriors & Prototype, becoming the boss at a later point in the game (maxing out the skill trees or raising your favorite character to the max with an OP weapon) is the equivalent of you becoming the ultimate badass. Seriously, who doesn't love blowing the shit out of tanks, helicopters or even mutated beasts or – in comparison – being a one-man army badass who can fuck everyone and everything over who just happens to be in the way? It's games like these that at the end of the day, you are not afraid of the opposing forces – it's the forces of that game who are afraid of YOU. All it takes is one display of raw power and they will instantly back off.

  15. I think the Crysis series should've been on this list.
    The amount of raidboss stuff you can do in those games is insane.

  16. …the final bosses of Kirby are…terror not the boss at the end of the game but the boss for getting all the collectibles and every time the little puff ball either befriends or consumes these eldrich abominations…kirby the best games to scar your children with.

  17. "Let's see another Saints Row, thanks"… Man, that didn't age well.

  18. after eternal came out "You are not super human in any way" you couldn't be less wrong xD

  19. What's né name of the first game?
    I cannot understand.

  20. doom eternals dlc actually confirms the doom slayer is a boss lol

  21. What about gigabytes you are John monster in that game and you also destroyed everything and those was multiple Game mode in smart view

  22. I really loved Doom 2016, but maaaan did I feel like a boss playing B.J. Blazkowicz and just dominating Nazi-scum.

  23. Great list, but it should've had Fable 1 the lost chapters on the list.

  24. Prototype used to be my favorite game lol

  25. DISCLAIMER. If you looking to buy Saints Row 4 to Co-op it. Don't do it game crashes non stop during co-op. Its NOT playable and they refuse to patch it.

  26. saint rows 4 is dead dosent work anymore… shxt

  27. Assassin's Creed Odyssey. After Kassandra is fully upgraded, she is unstoppable. Even with the spear of Leonidas at half power she is already powerful af. She can become invisible, she can move at light speed in chain-killings, she can deal massive damage just by using a regular spear move, and if she uses that move with the spear at its full length, she is unblockable.

  28. The force unleashed 1 and 2 and darksiders 1, 2, and genesis. You kinda feel weak in 3

  29. hey………………hulk was omn xbox too

  30. And look at Saints Row now, the last game……. WHY did they betrayed their own ideas?!?!?!

  31. Really… Soras's wrath … is ASURA for f sake

  32. FromSoft games in NG+3 and onward like Sekiro

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