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10 Games Where You Play As A Non Human in a Human World

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In some video games it’s way more fun to play as something other than human. Here are some of our favorite weird examples.
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  1. 4:44 Hey that sounds like Moxxie or Crimson from Helluva boss

  2. Ancestors and Maneater was pretty fukkin amazing 👏

  3. I like this channel but the content is lacking atm

  4. I love non human Characters my favorite Non human is Link form the Legend of Zelda 😮

  5. Wow thats a really nice theme that I was searching for a long while, thank you for doing this video, I will of course sub and like it cause you made a big favor for me thank you so much

  6. And I absolutely just realized that was Frieza.

  7. +1 for Maneater – the narration in that game is HIGHLARIOUS!

  8. carry on is strange game. you play as disgusting looking monster. but in same time you are really fragile.
    you don't feel like indestructible "god" or like true monster from horrors and nightmares.
    it made me feel like weak animal that can die at any moment from shot or two.
    I truly expected power fantasy but received something that not even close to god mode in gta.

  9. Awkward doesn't come close for Tokyo Jungle when your playing it and someone walks in only to see you mating animals. If you don't then you don't have heirs and your play through ends, it's a core mechanic, a really awkward one.

  10. Okami as Top 1 is just beautiful. This game is so underrated. It's a literal masterpiece of Storytelling and brings so many unique mechanics into the gameplay, and they are not random, because everything is carefully placed within the story's theme. Way back I actually used this Game for a College work-presentation, and it got me full marks!

  11. I feel like King Kong (2005) should be on here!

  12. I love that in destroy all human you listen zim tell you to destroy the humans

  13. So many are soooooo "toony" and mid…or insanely ancient. Kinda wish there was new modern games that had stuff like that

  14. Yoo whaaaat i played that deadly creatures game so freaking long ago damnnn, forgot abouy that shit. Wii was goated

  15. When I first saw Stray, I thought it was like Nier Automata except you play as a cat as oppose to an android.

  16. Where is Stubbs the zombie, rebel without a pulse ? 😱

  17. Doom slayer is a god not a human

  18. I really do not understand, why we always play as humanoid in the vast majority of games..
    like i am human iRL.. da fk, i want to play some cool, weird, badass shit in my games..
    not the same poop im iRL..

    It is like playing a human in World of Warcraft.. like wtf bruh..
    i don't understand..

  19. Dude man eater was so cool! And Chris Parnel voiced the narrator

  20. I have by the way Deadly Creatures for the Wii ^^

  21. man , you totally forgot about goat simulator

  22. bro u should have put the prototype series

  23. Answer to zelda ocarina of time 😂 dont make me laugh. okami would never be on the masterpiece level of zelda Ocarina of time😂

  24. "I am Fish" also a great and beautiful game too, literally u became each fish in a group try to reunited again.

  25. HELL YEAH I KNEW Okami would be on here!!! One of my ABSOLUTE favorite games!

  26. I've probably played 2k hrs at least on Okami. What I most love about it is it's a spoof on Japanese folklore. A lot of the characters are really part of the lore, just in a much less serious (and odd) way. Love everything about it except how linear it is.

  27. the isle counts-?
    u play as a dinosaur buuut theres human structures from humans in the map-

  28. HA!

    Krypto ((or however it'z spelled)) from 'Destroy All Humans' iz INVADER ZIM!

  29. Games that 100% needed to be on the list:

    Goat Simulator
    Styx: Master of Shadows

  30. I can’t wait for there to be a “Maneater” sequel. Especially with more easter egg references, boss challenges, and best of all, evolutionary powers and abilities.😁😁😁

  31. I’ve never played Destroyed All Humans but thank you for including that clip in this video.. that narration in that game was the voice actor of Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and more importantly, he was Zim in Invader Zim. Richard Horvitz

  32. Bro! That's just Zim! How did I never realize that??
    Twist those knobs!

  33. the alien one the dude sounds like chaos from skylanders

  34. Goat Simulator? Anybody? No? Okay, I'll just see myself out then.

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