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10 Games You Can Play As A Monster

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If you’re looking for some games to go beast mode on you’ve come to the right place. I plan on doing more videos soon but have been going through a lot recently so I’m taking my time for now.


  1. Evolve needed a monsters only mode on a larger map

  2. So sad that you cant play evolve anymore …….. and it would be nice to have a Big Sandbox map with lots and lots of monsters

  3. Nice video bruv i like it. Keep up with the good work u are taking place.

  4. i also tracking for this game as well but I wonder why this game not yet release? it takes too long

  5. Evolve was awesome its kinda bs they dropped it

  6. 10 player monster Royale from evolve creators would be dope

  7. Absolutely sucks that darkborn was canceled

  8. With Rampage Total Destruction, you can play on the WII, I myself own it but I sadly got stuck fighting some dumb UFO lad who I gave up on and have not touched it since…

  9. Before I watch this… are most of these canceled already?!

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