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10 Hidden Video Game Enemies You Weren’t Supposed To See

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If you see these enemies, you know you’ve messed up.

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  1. I can't believe anyone even finished playing Dragon Age Inquisition. I lost over 86 hours of save time at least three times thanks to their shitty must be connected to our shitty servers to save requirement. Had to use exploits to return to Skyhold each time because I was forced to start from the beginning each of those times. The game was absolute crap, was so sad because I was looking forward to that game so much.

  2. most of these are easter eggs not enemies

  3. Another top 10 that makes no sense. Most of those enemies I’m sure you were supposed to see

  4. I had no idea that the Mario easter egg was rare. I found it pretty easily multiple times, I guess its more of a reward for exploring?

  5. A bit unrelated, but the guy that played Daniel in Amnesia was my chemistry teacher.

  6. If I made a game and found a cheater, I'll code it to send 1 Darth Vader with a lightsaber that can one shot you even with infinite hp, and yes. He have no health bar.

  7. Huh…

    Yep, I pretty much scoured the chalice dungeons to max out all my equipment, and I never once saw that thing

  8. I got to the dying light Mario thing by glitching thru the map and jumping to it then using my grapple to glitch thru the wall

  9. “9 hidden enemies you weren’t supposed to know about” the title: I think not

  10. I loved just cause 2 and can't believe I never found the smh keep monster

    Edit: smoke*

  11. What level is the Chort in Witcher 3 I want to try and kill it

  12. Just an FYI the root chalice dungeons in Bloodborne are not in fact procedurally generated

  13. cow king before barnyard:mooo
    cow king after barnyard:SUP B***

  14. Nah the first one was terribly inaccurate 😭

  15. In Eu4 there is a lot of hidden nations like vinland and atlantis by pressing random New world or You can have countries referring to victoria 2 and stellaris. These are Jan mayen and synetichs(stellaris Last boss) and they are op as hell

  16. Congratulations on being the very FIRST video I've seen on youtube that actually just "dive's right in"

  17. The cows already existed as a secret level in Diablo 1.

  18. There is 1 enemy from Dark Souls 1, a Vagrant, it's not something we weren't supposed to see, it's just extremely rare

  19. You might want to rename the video, the number is 10 instead of 9!

  20. I love seeing Diablo 2 on here and those cows lol

  21. "Not every vending machine is enemy." Got ya

  22. Man if I only would of known that cow king would be one of the last cow kings from a era of video games that were legendary only to be absolutely monopolized and reproduced horribly. How is a video game from the past better than the future. Well because developers and video game company owners actually had souls and drive to create great games. Now it's copy and paste and how can we update the store but neglect the actual game. Sad

  23. Purple Dev Ill show You Mari Juan, A! says:

    In Welcome to Raccoon City, there's even a character that seems to come out of nowhere to lead the others through. That character is named Lisa.

    It's like Konami is no longer splitting hairs between stories.

  24. I would cheat just to fight those beings

  25. Damn the moral of that story is way to real for this comedic retelling

  26. Bovine Defence Force is not actually that hard even for a low level player. You need to have good movment(a lot of rolling) and use quen a lot. It will take some time but you will kill it eventually. I use this strategy for almost every high level enemy you can find in the field. Except THOSE FUCKIN SPIDERS!

  27. The smoke monster and Just Cause 2 I thought was in Just Cause 3 the only reason why I say that is cuz I just watched a video saying that it was in there and if you're high up enough with trees on the ground it spells run or something like that so maybe it's in both I don't know

  28. The tittle said top 10 hidden but it top 9 ?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!?!!?!?!!

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