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10 MASSIVE video game BOSSES you need to beat

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10 massive video game bosses you need to beat. Nothing gets our heart racing more than defeating a huge video game boss. There you are hacking away at a thing that’s so much larger than you. It feels great to take down something that’s so big and win against all odds. Here are 10 massive video game bosses you need to beat at least once! And spoiler warning of course.


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  1. Oh, I remember fighting phalynx in shadow of the colossus. Man, I loved that fight.

  2. What about all of the giant monsters from Dragon Quest Monsters joker 2? All of them are so big you might as well you know give up.

  3. What about the super scarab from Halo Wars?

  4. Where is the corpser from gears of war or that giant worm from gears of war 2?

  5. Metal gear excelsus was bigger than metal gear ray

  6. i thought it was harder to get to the storm king than to fight him lol

  7. The no.7 fight scene looks like from the Journey to the West

  8. Man of all the kingdom hearts fights they picked dark side. And not the world of nothingness, which has you fighting a giant dragon made out of skyscrapers with gigantic laser cannons attached to it. I really like the darkside fight but tbh it's not the most fun giant boss in the series.

  9. It always gets me that Wyzen is mentioned as being huge, which he is, but never Vlitra, which is the friggin' Earth, or Chakravartin, whom, you know…is SITTING ON A GODDAMNED GALAXY.

  10. A 3 1/2 minute ad in 3 times during the course of the video what the fuck guys not watching this garbage

  11. at least then rank is not in order from the best to worst

  12. Whi were the giants in the thumbnail?!! Especially the humanoid one.

  13. I mostly remembered final boss of phantasy star portable 2 (forgot his name) which have 2 phases. First phase is big alien without legs and sphere on bottom half of his body. 2nd phase is giant humanoid which takes almost all of the screen with his body. I remembered him for getting instantly killed over and over again every time he uses special attack which moves camera away from arena and you need to perform perfect timed parry to survive it

  14. Platinum games definitely knows how to make great bosses, but they just can't (or don't want to) make good PC ports

  15. Where the hell are my BIS and Dream Team giant battles-

  16. Here's a list of bosses you just HAVE to experience! While we are at it we will spoil each and every one! Have.. fun?

  17. Where is El Gigante from Resident Evil 4?

  18. The moon in legend of zelda majora's mask
    Edit : It isnt a boss but it does look like it would be

  19. laugh in chakravatin (Asura Wrath)

  20. I like this smooth robot commentators voice better than these real Obnoxious narrator wanna be's

  21. Phalanx is trash malus is should be number 9

  22. For the love of god, please please please pronounce Asura’s name the right way!

  23. i have only beaten phralanx from SoTC. that was by far one of the hardest bosses i have ever played trying to get agro (the horse) in just the right position to jump onto phralanx to stab him a few times before he goes underground again and you have to do it all over again just to beat a boss that isn't even the final boss.

  24. Dragon's Dogma deserves more recognition. It has one of the best boss battles I've ever played

  25. So weird….. How fast this channel dropped in quality.

  26. It’s too bad this countdown came out when it did.

    If it waited a little longer I know that the Icon of Sin from Doom Eternal would have been on here. Maybe even topped the list.

  27. you seriously used phalanx out of all the other bosses…

  28. Gongen Wyzen should've been at the top of the list, he was like 3 times the size of the planet after all.

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