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10 Most Terrifying Monsters In Video Game History

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It’s never fun being locked in a room with this lot. Unfortunately for you, you have been.

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  1. I don’t know about the until dawn monsters. Never found them that bad. Anything from silent hill in its place

  2. I personally found the child necromorphs from Dead Space 2 to be the scariest of the necromorph family, creepy design and the way they tried to swarm you with speed.

  3. I’m sorry but Laura (the spider looking woman) is definitely scarier than the Keeper from The Evil Within franchise. No matter how many times I play that game she’s the only one that still scares me, and when she showed up in the second game…

  4. If it's a "poison" for head crabs then they're basically giant face huggers. To clarify, venom is injected and a poison is ingested.

  5. Regenerators from RE4? Could easily replace the Clickers in my opinion. It breathing is terrifying, as you try and see where it's coming from.

  6. Surprised not to see the Flood on this list personally.

  7. The witch really no the tank is way more horrific because you run when you hear it

  8. What? No Walker or Whalrider from Outlast? I’m very disappointed in you Ash.

  9. How did the wall master beat out the dead hand in Ocarina of time?! TSK. The Dead hand gave me some frightening nightmares as a child!

  10. There lucky Chris Walker is not a monster, or else he would be the list

  11. Dr Salvador, Bella Sisters, Garrador, Verdugo, Regenerator……am I a joke to you?

  12. The Dahaka from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within?

  13. "what does it mean that I accidentally called my mum Riley Reid"

  14. "What does it mean that i accidentally called my mum riley reid"

  15. Kidnapping and imprisoning a sex worker for what we can only assume to be nefarious purposes. Wow, solid joke Jules.

  16. Mimics

    ughh. The sounds they make are the worst :/

  17. Ash' has really grown as a presenter for Whatculture.

  18. I mean the wall master scared me but Dead Hand was straight up terrifying. I don't know how OoT is rated E

  19. I think the Caregiver from the Witcher shouldve made this list.

  20. Are you telling me that the game I have been looking for for years is that famous Half Life?! Damn.
    Oh and I just played RE 3 to get a taste of Nemesis again to be prepared for the remake.

  21. Heh, clickers used sparingly? Don't know what version of Last of Us they played. Felt like they were in every damn room.

  22. she said in Amnesia the player had no weapons, but I'm nearly certain Markiplier had a CHAIR

  23. And here we are with a third Half Life and it’s VR

  24. Jack from RE7 Biohazard was enough to give me nightmares and cold shoulders for a straight week

  25. Literally every enemy in The Suffering is more terrifying than every monster on this list combined.

  26. Any creature from resident evil or dead space scares me

  27. Anima in The Evil Within 2. That first encounter was nerve-wracking

  28. Resident evil is one hell of a franchise and nemesis is the most annoying pain in the a#*

  29. The lickers from resident evil 2 is more terrifying than clickers

  30. Ever heard of the wyyyschokk from Jedi Fallen Order?

  31. aren't the clickers actually the result of a fungal infection? I think it was called cordyceps.

  32. I was surprised that when Ash got to Dead Space she went with the leapers and not the Ubermorph. I'm still convinced that that fight took a few hours off of my actual life due to the stress of fighting a necromorph that regenerates lost limbs.

  33. Leaper?…someone's never played dead space 2 two .. anyone remember the guys that would Peak around the corner that would run away when you would aim at them… intelligence is scarier than Brute Force.

  34. i think that the reaper leviathan should be at number 1

  35. That baby fetus thing from REV definately beats every other thing on this list

  36. I'm kind of surprised that Pyramid Head isn't higher on this list, I usually expect to see him at or near the top of these, number 10 seems a little low considering the way he's usually discussed.

  37. I wanna jules do another top 10 Monsters in Video games

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