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10 Most Terrifying Monsters In Video Game History

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It’s never fun being locked in a room with this lot. Unfortunately for you, you have been.

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  1. Scrap Baby in particular from fnaf:pizzeria simulator. She actually makes regular Freddy nearly like his plush counterpart with her ability to seemingly move to stop the tape without you being able to notice until she actually looks at you. And anything actually demonic like for example Sophie from Sophie's Curse 😱

  2. There's monster that I've seen when I have sleep paralysis that could make this list.

  3. This is all interesting and what not but can we please talk about the "Riley Ried Poetry" that was searched lol?

  4. Me when seeing Jules web history

    (NO! HE WAS AMEANT TO SAVE HUMANITY!! All hope is lost)

  5. Laura from The Evil Within & the Anima ghost from The Evil Within 2 should have been on this list

  6. Ash, now that we are on the topic of monsters, let's talk about pocket monsters or more commonly known as pokemon. Do you collect pokemon with pikachu and travel the world for more pokemon?

  7. Wtf headcrabs aren't scary/terrifying… they're cute! X3

  8. Ahhhh good. We're back to the Jules vs Ash rivalry.

    Also, never understood why Pyramid Head was named Pyramid Head seeing as it's head looks nothing like a pyramid and more like a wedge.

  9. The leaper but not the ubermorph? That thing scared me more than the leaper did.

  10. Ok, the list is great, but those hands in ocarina of time are just annoying, not even scary… Also piramid head should be higher on the list

    Also, seriously, the keeper in the evil within? Laura is waaaay more scary

  11. my opinion will be
    #1 Pyramid head
    #2 NEMESIS
    those are my top 2.

  12. I too have an unhealthy obsession with Riley Reid

  13. Came here to see if scp 173 got the attention it deserved

  14. The xbox official info was dropped on Monday and this channel has yet to cover it. I wonder why?…..

  15. Are we not going to mention the Regenerators/Iron Maidens from Resident Evil 4? Those fuckers absolutely gave me nightmares as a kid!! Especially that croaky breathing noise 😭 *shudders*…

  16. There is nothing more chilling than hearing a Reaper Leviathan in Subnautica

  17. I actually paused and read the part with Jules' browser history…
    A man of culture, I see… :3

  18. I've never felt more terrified by a single creature in gaming than when I saw a reaper Leviathan for the first time in Subnautica. Still freaks me out.

  19. Wall master from Zelda honestly what is scary about that it's as easy of a foe as the deku scrub. This list forgot the xenomorphs those the number one monster in my opinion and I would expect it to be atleast top 5 for anyone else.

  20. I thought the Guardian necromorphs were scarier than Leapers, mainly because of their human-sounding screams.

  21. how am i so disappointed to not seeing Dahaka from Prince of Persia in here… seriously girl play this classic game and you'll find out how terrifying this monster is

  22. The line of questioning deriving from that search history is amazing

  23. Really the Keeper over Laura whoever wrote this knows nothing of The Evil Within

  24. First list I have seem that mentioned Zelda and horror but did not mention the Dead Hand. Refreshing actually

  25. Riley Reid poetry? Now, that's something I need to check out.

  26. Wouldn't the obviously one be humans.

  27. Really? You went with Wallmaster and not Dead Hand?

  28. A growing number of ads with separate plugs for repetitive content. Alas, YouTube compilation channels inevitably seem to run their course with the same tropes.

    Still, twas great while it lasted!

  29. EA, Bethesda, DLC's and Ubisoft send chills down my spine

  30. 9. just annoying.
    8. just hate battling it.
    7. kind of scary if your not prepare.
    6. not really.
    5. i don't see it.
    2. kind of hate those things if you mess up.
    1. like #2.

  31. I Accidentaly Paid 11.99 for YT Premium Again says:

    Until dawn was not scary at all 😂 wendigo at #2? Shouldnt be on any horror list😂

  32. Deadhand was way more scary than the Wallmasters in OoT.

  33. Yo luigis mansion 3 is the scariest game of this generation, no cap.

  34. y’all it’s what you can’t see that is the scariest 😂😂😂😂😂

  35. I know this is really old but Monster Ock from Spider-Man for PS1. That bloodcurdling scream that sounds like "I don't wanna die" while it chases you in an exploding underwater base. Still gives me anxiety when I replay it as an adult

  36. I haven't played a lot of Thief games, but the one I do know is Deadly Shadows. The zombies can be easily killed with a flash bomb that normally distracts other enemies, but is that noise they make really necessary

  37. Any of the regenerative monsters in games. Dead Space & Resident Evil have some heinous ones.

  38. The final boss from Code Vein "The Virgin Born" is also pretty terrifying and don't even get started on Malphas from Devil May Cry 5

  39. Catherine from the game of the same name.

  40. Beta Hunters from RE and RE3. Not only do they have a chance to kill you with a single jumping swipe, they can also open doors as well and WILL pursue you.

  41. The Leapers were just assholes. The Stalkers in DS2 were way more terrifying

  42. Word to my beard I love me some Ash and her sometimes weird humor lmao T^T

  43. Suprised the big sisters from bioshock didnt make it in….

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