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10 NEW and UPCOMING 3D Monster Taming Games in 2023 and BEYOND!

Gym Leader Ed
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Today, we’re going to be looking at the latest 3D Monster Taming Games, both new and upcoming. Let me know your thoughts and additions down below!

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Top 10 Upcoming Monster Taming Games in 2023 and Beyond:

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Nexomon Extinction Starter Evolutions Explained:

Coromon Starter Evolutions Explained:

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  1. I want palworld for the PS5. Are they releasing a PS5 version?

  2. Ooh I had not heard that Nexomon 3 is going to be 3D open world!

  3. I'm just now hearing about nexomon 3! That and kindred fates is what I'm most looking forward to.

  4. slightly pouts at all the turned based combat but it happy that the genre seems to be doing really well and seems to be getting even better

  5. So hyped for Palworld and Nexomon 3, and super excited for DQM The Dark Prince

  6. So glad that DQM is coming out this year. Some of the other games that aren't out yet seem so far away

  7. I know it’s a bit old but I highly recommend monster hunter stories wings of ruins

  8. DQM 3 has been too long coming. I can’t wait for it. I would also love to have the joker trilogy put out on the switch as a single release because those games changed the original series direction a bit(which I’m hoping they keep in the new game) and had some interesting ideas.

  9. Ni No Kuni is also a 3D monster taming game. 🙂

  10. I think that digimon story cyber sleuth and next order are great games.
    Kingdom hearts dream drop distance is beautiful, but is part of the big story of Kingdom hearts so is not very friendly as a stand alone game.
    And finally DokeV that I hope we'll get 8m this life cycle.

  11. I love u gym leader Ed such an amazing person bringing my fav genre to everyone

  12. Avatar Frontiers of Pandora should also be on this list. It comes out this year and you have a monster taming system within the game with several rideable creatures

  13. Game Timestamps:
    1. Pixels: DC (TBD): 1:12
    2. Skyclimbers (2023): 2:19
    3. Kindred Fates (2024): 3:09
    4. SMT V (Out Now): 3:59
    5. Biomancer (TBD): 4:39
    6. TemTem (Out Now): 5:21
    7. PalWorld (Jan 2024): 6:13
    8. Kubberz (TBD): 7:07
    9. DQ Monsters 3 (Dec 1st, 2023): 7:42
    10. Nexomon: 3 (TBD): 8:36

  14. Why DQM keep being nintendo exclusive?

  15. Not related to the video's topic, but has Ed ever covered Neo Monsters? If not, then despite the game being old (but constantly being updated) and lacking in the exploration area, Neo Monsters is solid game and deserves a little recognition.

  16. I really wish we could have a new medabots game.

  17. Really looking forward to Rune Factory: Project Dragon and Rune Factory 6. Such a lovely monster taming franchise!

  18. Kindred fates and skyclimbers are the two I'm most hype about. Can't wait till EA this year for skyclimbers!

  19. I’m hoping pal world and kubberz comes to switch (I know some ya’ll don’t like switch but I wanna play these too), I LOVE temtem, my only complaint is the one dojo where you have to play “Simon says” – I have a terrible memory and can’t remember after the first part, so…I hope they implement something for those of us with Garbo memory (please😭i wanna keep playing temtem it’s soo good)

  20. I can’t wait for palworld the most at the minute

  21. I'm excited for the dragon quest monster game because I enjoyed dragon warrior monsters 1 and 2. And likewise with the nexomon game because I enjoyed nexomon 2 a whole lot.

  22. Shin megami tensei is the best saga. Im still playing 4 in my 3ds. I finished nocturne in ps2 and switch and are all amazing

  23. Thanks alot for making this video and list, i really appreciate it, there were atleast 3 good potential future games here i would probably never heard of otherwise so again,thanks.

  24. Most of these look pretty fun definitely will check them out. I have been playing temtem for awhile it's super fun I just personally would prefer the competitive stuff to not be so necessary to finish end game stuff up other then that it's a very fun game.

  25. Can't wait for Kindred Fates, just the fact, that the monsters can actually die there

  26. Dragon Quest Monsters, how I've missed you

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