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10 NEW and Upcoming Monster Taming Games For Android and iOS in 2023 and Beyond!

Gym Leader Ed
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Here we are with our first mobile Monster Taming list video of 2023! Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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Intro 00:00
Coromon 00:47
Scaventurez 02:07
Roco Kingdom 02:41
Skyclimbers 03:27
Workemon 04:12
Evocreo 2 04:41
Paracreat 05:33
Scallion 06:06
Digital Tamers 06:56
Volzerk 07:52

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  1. Based on the news of its anniversary in recent days, roco kindom will likely go into a large-scale beta next year and a public beta in 2025 (as opposed to the small offline beta that has been going on for years).

  2. Please please do more videos like this for mobile monster games

  3. Replacing MenacingHat, the legendary mobile player

  4. Looking forward Tamers 2, and for that last one. Honestly, I'm glad its not a WESTERN gacha because these are always way, waaaaay more greedy and money-hungry than the japanese ones

  5. Hi I'm a new subscriber can i know when will coromon full version will be released on android will it be free or paid?

  6. Roco Kingdom eu já estou esperando a séculos… muita enrolação. Espero que eles lancem logo.

  7. Oh i was expecting Roco Kingdom, I'll be sad if it's only china locked 😓
    Also, i think Berry did a showcase on Workemon 👀
    Either way, really appreciate the monster taming android game showcases, as i wish to know if there's more as good as Coromon 😋

  8. I was curious if dragonrod is gonna do the digimon games on mobile cuz I think I prefer it on mobile over pc since turning on and stuff takes a bit more

  9. I think workemon has been out for a couple years now.

  10. Namenlos مجهول නමක් නැති says:


  11. Paracreatcand Skyclimbers looks the most promising to me so far.

  12. おわたゃんねる(チャンネルではない) says:

    Thank you Ed!🙇🫡💡

  13. Thanks for your Showcase. (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)

  14. For the most part Volzerk can be played without spending a penny. The only gatcha element is getting the riders, the monsters can be obtain be just playing.

  15. I was not expecting a game that I played back in 2017 to be on this list lol (workemon)

  16. should mention that Roco kingdom is actually a pretty huge franchise in China back in the day and not just another run of the mill pokemon clone in case that "pokemon probably wouldn't be too happy about" joke was refering to this :P, would probably be the childhood of a fairly large portion of folks.

  17. EvoCreo 2 is going to be so good! I need to play the first game again! Should I play Coromon on the Switch or Mobile?

  18. I like Scallion’s 2.5d style but they really have to move away from Pokémon sprite edits for their character graphics, it looks very unprofessional and I think it’s holding the game back visually.

  19. 6:30 The environment and monsters look nice, but they should REALLY abandon those modified Pokémon BW sprites if they don't want to be sued by Pokémon Company.

  20. Can I ask except from coromon which games are available offline??

  21. Jeez Tamer content getting pretty dry huh? None of these games are gonna be released this year 😂

  22. volzerk is in global and its awesome tbh. ive never been addicted to an android game like how im addicted to this one.

  23. Hi guys I am from the future volzerk is now available in English

  24. i want a remaster of mino monsters 2 😭

  25. I think the color wheele and custom patterns would fix the clothes.

  26. "A little longer" it's been years bruh

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