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10 Terrifying Games That Let You Play as The Monster

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If you are tired of always being the hero and being tasked with saving the world then you’ll surely appreciate a change of pace in games where you get to be a monster. As we’re going to find out, monsters are not always vile creatures, they only need a little bit of understanding from everyone’s part. Especially for the players who are curious enough to try on the role of the bad guy we compiled a list with 10 of the best games that allow you to feel firsthand how it is to be the real troublemaker in a video game.

Narrator: David Arbisi


  1. the dud with the mask made out of bones looks so cool

  2. I still can’t believe they are making a new vampire masquerade game

  3. I guess you could say depth, has a lot of depth Crickets chirping

  4. Top 3 games that let you play as the monster
    3. Prototype
    2. Doom 2016
    1. Doom Eternal

  5. Hell yeah ! Evolve at the top ! Also wheres Dying Light's Be the zombie DLC ?

  6. Evolve isn't an god all the time so semi-foe

  7. also in the left 4 dead series you play as special infected and try to kill survivors with unique powers

  8. Would be awesome if they made another kane game.

  9. Game i. Thumbnail was called project wight. Now its called darkborn

  10. Godzilla Unleashed? All of playable characters are monsters.

  11. Not to be rude but most of these games suck except dead by daylight

  12. I putted like on the video just because the comments are right

  13. Clickbait, huh? Well, you may have gotten one more measly view and comment on this video but now I know NOT to watch a video from FragHero in the future.

  14. There clearly not enough games of this Kind…im rly Looking Forward to Carrion 😀 btw does sb have a clue how i could Play the AvP (2010) game demo? i cant try it on steam because fucking Germany is a lil fuck


  16. AVP extinction was one of the best games id still play it through if i had it.

  17. I hold no love for spooky thins but i gota argree that aome pf them lool very epic! 😂😱

  18. I love scary monster games where you can become monsters, so you can troll people

  19. i didn't come here for nintendo 64 games ffs

  20. It's about damn time War of the Monsters got some recognition!

  21. isnt there a game where you go around with a coat rampaging?

  22. I am very surprised that Dying Light Be the Zombie mode wasnt on here

  23. what about devil may cry!? dante is crying cause its not in the vid 🙁

  24. Why are these always kids games, why not let me play as a dragon and annialate humanity and try to to be killed by their dark age anti-dragon weapons… and just go on a fucking rampage in a next gen graphics game.. is that too much to ask for? all the games on next gen are always where you play as a human.. I'm already a human in real life why would I want to play another human?? LOL

  25. WHY INCLUDE 30 YEAR OLD GAMES? no one is gonna play those

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