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10 Video Games That Let You Become A Literal Monster

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  1. In Doom 2016 and Eternal, you don't turn into the monster. You play as the monster.
    That is right, the Cyberdemons, the Barons, The Hell Knight, the Icon of Sin, they aren't the monsters. You are the monster.

  2. Honestly they need to bring avp to ps4 – ps5 it was such a fun and awesome game ^^

  3. I accidentally thumbed the button and had to cycle through till I heard my man Jules

  4. What about dead by daylight or Friday the 13th or Bigfoot for Garrys mod or Minecraft all of these games you were able to play the monster, Your list is bunk.

  5. I think peter jacksons king kong shouldve been on this list. It was pretty awesome playing as kong!

  6. Can someone tell me more games like AvP, Carrion, and prototype?

  7. This video made me realize how little games there are where you can be a monster…. I'm sad ]:

  8. I have Evolve, boi it's sad how quick it died but damn playing as the monster is a blessing and a curse depending on how you play and what monster you pick and what hunters are after you.

  9. funny thing about stubbs,they recently added an option to run stubbs in vibrant colours recently,no more you are forced to go via that green filter

  10. What about L4Ds or dying lights zombie mode?

  11. What about evolve, predator hunting grounds and dying Light?

  12. Bloodborne…are you high? Its solely controlled by the Beasts Embrace rune and the Beast Claw. Beasthood boosts damage and lowers defense. That's it.

  13. I had expected to see nicki from the darkness on here or at the very least ethan cole from area 51 i mean video games that let you be a monster and you left out my absolute favorite what i would even go so far as to call the greatest game on original xbox you left out the suffering i mean torque becomes an absolute beast in his insanity form especially in the second game

  14. I mean, rampage has more than three monsters

  15. Prototype. If you played the game the story tells you he isn’t human at all just the disease taking the form of the man it first touched and getting its memories

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