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11 Upcoming NEW Monster Hunting Games of 2023 And Beyond

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There’s variety in monster hunting titles too – monsters come in all shapes and sizes, which the games in this rundown demonstrate. Some are human-like, others not so much. So whilst there’s more than a handful of dinosaur-centric monster hunting titles on this rundown, each game does something unique.


  1. Many of these are not monster hunting games. Misleading titel

  2. I am hoping lost wild is basically Dino crisis.

  3. Your title says monster hunting games. Stopped the video after game 3.. None of these games are monster hunting games..
    Why are you clickbaiting? I though you were better than this 😔

  4. Awesome Video, I'm gonna share this with others! 😎

  5. They will all fall to the one true king

  6. Forspoken…Lmao… What?
    So this is a list of random games coming sometime in the future.
    This is one clickbait video.

  7. There needs to be a Toukiden 3 eventuallly.


  9. Crazy how nobody talks about Little Devil Inside… any updates on that?

  10. Honestly the only game that look like Monster Hunter is Wild Heart. The others game looks like mix of Breath of the Wild with God War.

  11. congrats only 2 out of 11 are acutualy fit the title thets a new record

  12. Does the game have enemies? Then its obviously a monster hunting game.

  13. How Sons of the Forest is Monster Hunter like? Its a survival game. It doesn't even have the same mission structure as MH games… let alone combat, crafting armours from monsters etc.

  14. Sheesh I finally found it lol. I forgot Honor of kings:world title XD. The amount of dino games we get it would be nice for a Dino Crisis remake next year!

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