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14 Minutes of Monster Hunter World Gameplay – Gamescom 2017

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Take a look at some brand new footage of the next Monster Hunter game from the Gamescom 2017 demo.

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  1. Can you ride monster with kinship stone?

  2. I want to give this game ago but something is telling me the enemies are glitchy cardboard and cheap

  3. I am here after watching the movie. Game looks much better than movie though.

  4. The movie was sick! That’s what brought me to this video to see if the game is worth playing.

  5. This guy played a scripted run to show the mechanics but the noobs moves showed up when he runs out of stamina just to run straight

  6. Who else loves it how the monsters actually fight each other? It makes them feel more alive

  7. Those animations are bad. The character feels like it is hovering above the ground. In lets say Zero Dawn you have some sense of weight, but here is none. Looks artifcial af

  8. "What kind of loser needs a tutorial?"
    -The old MH games, probably

  9. It grates me when Capcom put a lot of effort in the environment detail and monsters….but makes the main character move like a clockwork pigeon.

  10. ima be honest…. this game looks terrible for a game made in 2017.

  11. Looks like a cool rpg game. Got some Legend of Zelda vibes. It feels like a teenage focused Nintendo game

  12. Does this child talk at you through the entire game?

  13. Come from monster hunter 😂 Lilla jovovic x

  14. didn't know Monster hunter was a game just saw the movie 😂

  15. Александр Медведский says:

    Игра легче или сложнее Bloodborn?

  16. wtf is on a back? looks like a half of electric guitar. Or game's goal is to get rid of stuff on your back?

  17. Idky but when he scrolls through his items it sounds like the start of a song .

  18. Ohhh so they made an off brand of the witcher for the new gen z kids gotcha

  19. After 40 minutes of painful fight and close to defeat…."The monster has left the area"

  20. childish game. the movement is stiff and it not connect properly. Just rampant attack

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