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15 Games Where You Can Play As A MONSTER

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It’s always fun when games flip the scrip in unexpected ways, which, given their more interactive nature than any other entertainment medium, they do quite often.

One method that games have adopted frequently over the years is letting you play as the monster, so that terrorizing your prey or unleashing your unique abilities becomes the focus of the experience. Games have let players do that in a variety of ways, and here, we’re going to talk about a few of them.


  1. Imagine The Darkness in unreal 5 with the lightning being updated sheesh

  2. I pray to God that we get a The Darkness 1&2 Remake plus a sequel cuz holy fuck we need one

  3. " Suffering " . ofc most of the naive babies including you don't remember this game.

  4. Sometimes your content is suspiciously close to gameranx videos.

  5. You know this niche is nearly extinct, when even a top grossing channel can't identify more than 5 games where you are an actual, horrific monster (where sadism and blood letting are inante and relevant features)!

  6. What about the Alien vs Predator game from 2010?


  7. Does it matter than someone is a real monster and enjoys playing as other monsters? Just asking for friend… inside my head 😉

  8. why isnt Untitled Goose Game on this list?


  10. S*** most of these games on this list you're not even a monster you're just not even bad

  11. Playing Maneater now – absolutely thoroughly enjoying it now.

  12. What about The Suffering you played a monster in that.

  13. No Godzilla game and no War of the Monsters? 😲😭😭

  14. But here's the thing Pokemon is filled with half monsters and half animals like Pikachu is based on a animal I don't think Pokemon should have been on this list okay the Ghost Pokemon you could call them monsters but how was Squirtle a monster when it's based on a turtle LOL honestly wrong choice

  15. This list doesn't even make no sense how are you a monster in Manhunt and you're killing other inmates because they're trying to kill you that doesn't make no sense I played Manhunt you're literally killing other inmates🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 they're trying to kill you in the same manner as you're trying to kill them explain to me how your a monster are if you're trying to survive also LOL there's two games that should not be on this list Yes Man Hunt is very violent but he's trying to survive LOL

  16. Disliked for no mention of Stubbs The Zombie, where you play as a literal ZOMBIE and cause a zombie apocalypse, all while munching on people's brains and making more zombies. It really deserved a spot over say… a failure like Evolve. Smh.

  17. You do realize Jason Voorhees is a demon right so he's literally a monster what are you talking about you never watch Jason Goes to Hell Jason is literally a demon in other words he's a monster I think you're definitely confused yes Jason was once human but when he drowned at Crystal Lake that changed Michael Myers is more human than Jason Voorhees LOL

  18. Dude you said monsters Destroy All Humans is a alien

  19. Aliens vs Predator is such an underrated game. Unlike the commentator of this game, I do recommend playing it.

  20. You get to play as a night runner in the first dying light game as well, but like many others in this list it got old very, very fast.

  21. I'm surprised you didn't include the incredible hulk ultimate destruction and prototype

  22. Ultimate Spider-Man let's players play as venom

  23. Maneater is a really fun game I hope they make a sequel

  24. I'm so glad you mentioned the Darkness! I've been starving for another sequel after the cliffhanger that they left us on after the 2nd one 😭.

  25. You forgot Bigfoot.

    You can play as him in the game.

  26. How the hell do you not even mention a Godzilla game?! Godzilla Destroy All Monsters and Godzilla Save the Earth are obvious choices.

  27. hello friends watch my cool videos please health and good luck to you👍

  28. We gotta thank Evolve though: it walked so Dead by Daylight could run

  29. You know there's not a ton of interesting games where you play as a non-human monster when you have to mention The Darkness and Pokémon of all things. Evolve, Carrion, and Maneater are the only ones I would consider decent or good on this list, most of these are outdated. Shame there is nothing newer.

  30. This list goes to show that game devs lack imagination, Alien vs Predator is the ideal game for me but I need more option. I really hope Darkborn gets finished

  31. I really recommend Maneater, It's such a blast playing the game.

  32. I’m not the only one that was shocked that undertale isn’t one… right?

  33. Man I wish Evovled got some more spotlight. It is such a cool game with an amazing concept. It’s sad that you can’t purchase it anymore

  34. I still hope… game "The Darkborn" was bought for any company and finished

  35. It's a shame what happened to Evolve. The game was genuinely ahead of its time. Nowadays, the microtransactions in the game aren't even that bad in comparison to the rest of today's games. Even the original concept for Evolve would've been amazing. A 4-player co-op exploration game where you travel through a new alien planet? Sign me the fuck up.

  36. this dude is kinda dumb avp is great its just aged

  37. Where is untitled goose game on this list? 😂. That 🦆 was an absolute terror to the villagers

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