2 NEW MONSTER HUNTER GAMES ANNOUNCED?! Monster Hunter Rise & Stories 2 Trailer Reaction! - godsandmonstersgame.com

2 NEW MONSTER HUNTER GAMES ANNOUNCED?! Monster Hunter Rise & Stories 2 Trailer Reaction!

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Capcom just revealed 2 new Monster Hunter games! Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2!

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  1. While I've got no problem with cats, I've always been a dog person. So glad to see canine companions in one of my favourite series coming.

  2. DUDE! Happy Birthday to you and I my guy! ROFL

  3. We're overlooking the fact that the hunters are TALKING

  4. Can't wait monster hunter raise comes out on my birthday. I know what I'm getting.

  5. This is going to kill my fucking wallet! Goddamn, Capcom! This shit is hyped!

  6. i remember the mhw announcement speculation season that was really fun, love ur channel arekkz!

  7. So curious but this game isn't just a Nintendo switch exclusive game can it be accessible through other consoles . . . Right?

  8. Too bad the switch nowadays are over priced right now… I know its because of the demands but I'm sure people feel betrayed by the price range…

  9. Wait it's coming to switch…. Why not PS5?

  10. Mh series is pushing many tittle in every direction , mh stories, mh portable, mh world, mh movie, they on fire, they want more audience, they knew mh gameplay is addicted…..and the game itself is modular, less time to build next installment… Capcom easily made big money from this

  11. I'm praying for stories 2 to have more coustomization with the armor

  12. I hope we got character creation like the previous game!


  14. And that, was an instant preorder on the game XD

  15. Why the hell does capcom always jump platforms with their games? I started with freedom unite on the psp. Then tri was announced on the technically lowest platform to this time. The wii. So my Brother and i both bought a wii. Next part frkn nintendo 3ds and what not. Then finally the arrive at kings class with world on xbox ps4 and pc just to go back to some lowpower switch. Are they expecting everyone has all the consoles and handhelds on the market? Why not bring one game on all the Plattforms. Mh rise looks cool but i definetly not buy a switch just for that

  16. Is there going to be a port on monster hunter on Android devices🤔

  17. this might be the direction Capcom is taking now, dropping a big game on home consoles and PC and then a slightly lesser game for handheld to keep the gamers waiting, not that I will shit on that, I am totaly hyped

  18. looks like the starting weapons will be yukumo weapons

  19. im not a super monster hunter fan or anything but i definitely tried getting into it and bought mhgu but man, that game didnt do too good to get you started and informed/comfortable. hopefully this one does better it looks good

  20. So hyped. I'm ready for a switch monster hunter.

  21. This going to be my first Monster Hunter game 😋. It’s funny how the switch has been a first of a lot of franchise for me. BOTW was my first Zelda game. (Technically second, I played a bit of Phantom Hourglass when I was young. I got stuck and never finished it). I absolutely loved BOTW. Hopefully I’ll love this just as much.

  22. Can't wait to get the good ol' rub-a-dub beatdown from the 10 new Mizutsunes we'll probably see in Rise.

  23. I love how you didnt even exclaim "its monster hunter!" Or "this looks like monster hunter 🤔 " you were just so in tune the second you saw the longsword you were like "aw shit, here we go again" LMAO

  24. As long as your able to use items while moving in the new monster hunter I'm good

  25. Fucking sekiro ninja shit here we go!
    its like they took the lessons about smooth and quick level traversal from world and turned that dail up to 100

  26. I'm gonna say, I want both of them right now BOI

  27. I don’t know if I want to go to the Nintendo for a while kind of like my PlayStation
    Better yet I think I just save up

  28. They heard your wish on the monster hunter stories 2

  29. so instead of making a proper iceborne sequel they made 2 low buget cash grabs….yeah this is typical of capcom why am i surprised

  30. someone let me know when they finally release MHW2. I have no interest in this non mainline Mh garbage.

  31. Hope it gets the same type of dlc treatment as world

  32. The excitement in you is the best in this video.

  33. I love how they made the great izuchi look so intimidating here, but when you actually fight Izuchi, it's a push-over

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