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20 Creepy Enemies in Horror Games

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  1. Cry of Fear is the scariest game ever idc how old it is

  2. If you play as a volatile and try to invade my server, guess what? I have infinite flare throw spam, and completed the "brighter flares" questline; you're fucked as a volatile as I can literally sit inside a building and camp, oh and if I'm in just the right position all your nests get destroyed, freakin' nuked. I'll take my rewards from the spoils of you simply entering during night time and that'll be that. As an admin of a server, you get A LOT of advantages with sage scripts and mods you have access to. Note: Nuclear nest explosion script doesn't always take out all nests, will take out all nests nearby based on the admins location and elevation.

  3. You ask Triggerman what guns he needs and he says

  4. Dying light i didnt have a gun on there. i was so scared

  5. Sério mesmo que esse cara não mostrou os Slashers da trilogia Dead Space?

  6. Nobody gonna talk about the PERFECT moment at 16:50 when he shot at the corner thinking he got that Psycho and then he just light the sight and look to his left to say "Oh, hello there" at the enemy he was trying to beat?

  7. 中文的遊戲進化史和影片在小弟我的頻道喔😅

  8. Ah, yes, the damn Librarians from Metro 2033. Over 50 Military Rounds and they kept going. All of which were headshots

  9. I'm watching this while jamming to old school Metallica and it's making it that much more badass

  10. That regenerator kill was clean af. Shot the bastard with the kill shot while the door closed on it.

  11. I’m trying to find a video with Anima on it, or at least something from Evil Within 2

  12. That needler thing is the representation of you got your head up in your ass

  13. anyone notice how the creepiest things are usually inspired from arachnophobic fear mongering?

  14. The volatiles from dying light would be on number 1 if you played on hard/nightmare mode because at that difficulty guns are useles, one hit takes from you 75 hp and they can even combo you , they are also faster than you in straight line so you gotta take tight turns, if they catch you in 3 hits you are dead, and they combo you 2 times in a row, they wouldn't be so dangerous if they didn't got so freaking much health, my best weapon can kill them in 10 hits which is a lot, also they spit if you try to climb on roofs and they can aslo climb for you

    Edited, P.S: Not attention seeker, just to remind you all.
    0:02 Volatile (Dying Light)
    1:37 Triggerman (The Suffering: Ties that Bind)
    2:36 Needler (Silent Hill: Homecoming)
    3:47 Twitcher (Dead Space 3)
    4:30 Scarecrow (F.E.A.R: Perseus Mandate)
    5:36 Rasklapanje (Resident Evil 6)
    7:01 Mannequins (Condemned: Criminal Origins)
    8:41 Librarians (Metro 2023)
    10:03 Nurses (Silent Hill 3)
    10:58 Abomination (F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin)
    11:48 Chainsaw Majini (Resident Evil 5)
    13:53 Witch (Left 4 Dead 2)
    15:23 Prisoner Juggernaut (Silent Hill: Downpour)
    16:28 Psycho (Cry of Fear)
    17:30 Licker (Resident Evil 2)
    18:56 Working Joe (Alien: Isolation)
    19:58 Twin Victims (Silent Hill 4: The Room)
    21:08 Bloater (The Last of Us)
    22:36 Trauma (The Evil Within)
    23:47 Regenerador (Resident Evil 4)


  17. Am I the only one who think that clickers are scarier than bloaters?

  18. Dying Light makes me nervous because of the " Night is Coming " in which you know typically is very bad

  19. I personally find the Xenomorph to still be the scariest monster, but those Working Joes were so dang creepy and uncanny. Also, the Regenerador was up there, as well.

  20. I was deadly scared playing Metro for the first time, this atmosphere, creepy silence, Artyom's breath, and fucking half dog half rat jumps out

  21. Regenerador and the Iron Maiden were indeed the creepiest of all RE monsters

  22. Bruh, nobody's talking about how at 4:35 the guy is so casual first before screaming about it-

  23. Sees triggerman
    What kind of B movie comedy have I stumbled into

  24. The regenerator is the least scary enemy on this list, why does everyone think it's so scary if it literally is just a pale humanoid with spikes that has the ability to regenerate?! If anything, number 1 spot deserves to be given to a superior regenerating enemy… The Hunters from dead space, or the Ubermorph from dead space 2. Like if you agree with me.

  25. The fact that nothing from The Forest is on here is sad.

  26. Man, i swear nurses were the least scary enemy in silent hill 3

  27. Creepy is a matter of perspective I´d say for some of these

  28. I totally forgot to comment and like this vid D: , great vid tho 😂

  29. lol triggerman would give nemesis a run for his money

  30. After seeing this I am even more interested into Silent Hill Downpour.

  31. twin victims is the creepiest monster ever

  32. 00:15 i never played the game but the AI looks shitty af.
    first of all the HUD already tells you the name of the creature and probably the way to kill it, so it's already a big chunk of immersion taken away. it would be way scarier to not know anything about them ,what they are and what they're capable of. that's how the best horror movies work, or used to work.
    then the monster just flails its arms around while it's not even within the reach of you, and you burn it and pierce it with bullets and it still keeps walking like an idiot towards you instead of using its brain, which it apparently doesn't have, and run or hide. that's the AAA games we have these days. that's why i've burned out on gaming and can't be bothered to play them.

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