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20 Creepy Enemies in Horror Games

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  1. I hate Needlers. That's all I wanna say about that.

  2. 00:15 i never played the game but the AI looks shitty af.
    first of all the HUD already tells you the name of the creature and probably the way to kill it, so it's already a big chunk of immersion taken away. it would be way scarier to not know anything about them ,what they are and what they're capable of. that's how the best horror movies work, or used to work.
    then the monster just flails its arms around while it's not even within the reach of you, and you burn it and pierce it with bullets and it still keeps walking like an idiot towards you instead of using its brain, which it apparently doesn't have, and run or hide. that's the AAA games we have these days. that's why i've burned out on gaming and can't be bothered to play them.

  3. twin victims is the creepiest monster ever

  4. After seeing this I am even more interested into Silent Hill Downpour.

  5. lol triggerman would give nemesis a run for his money

  6. I totally forgot to comment and like this vid D: , great vid tho 😂

  7. Creepy is a matter of perspective I´d say for some of these

  8. Man, i swear nurses were the least scary enemy in silent hill 3

  9. The fact that nothing from The Forest is on here is sad.

  10. The regenerator is the least scary enemy on this list, why does everyone think it's so scary if it literally is just a pale humanoid with spikes that has the ability to regenerate?! If anything, number 1 spot deserves to be given to a superior regenerating enemy… The Hunters from dead space, or the Ubermorph from dead space 2. Like if you agree with me.

  11. Sees triggerman
    What kind of B movie comedy have I stumbled into

  12. Bruh, nobody's talking about how at 4:35 the guy is so casual first before screaming about it-

  13. Regenerador and the Iron Maiden were indeed the creepiest of all RE monsters

  14. I was deadly scared playing Metro for the first time, this atmosphere, creepy silence, Artyom's breath, and fucking half dog half rat jumps out

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