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3 Freaky Horror Games Starring Siren Head – The Tall & Terrifying Monster Created by Slimyswampghost

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3 Freaky Horror Games Starring Siren Head – The Tall & Terrifying Monster Created by Slimyswampghost

Siren Head was originally created by Trevor Henderson (Slimyswampghost)

The games are all (rather confusingly) called “Siren Head” but you can find them here:
Siren Head by Adexin:
Siren Head: The Game by Galactic Crows:
Siren Head by Modus Interactive:

I’ve played the last game before on this channel, but it was a slightly earlier build (the original game jam build).


  1. 𝔛𝔢𝔫𝔡𝔞𝔥𝔩𝔦𝔞 says:

    Second game would be better in my opinion if the guy just shut the fuck up lol. Also agree with a few comments saying it doesn't make sense that sirenhead (who has a natural tree looking camouflage. That's literally his whole deal is that he gets ppl because he looks like a damn tree) would be in a building and be tearing through there throwing body parts all over the place

  2. There needs to be a game that takes advantage of Siren Head's height. Someone could make an amazing horror game with a monster that towers above the player and taps into that fear we feel as children. The closest thing I've seen to that so far is an indie game called Bleak Faith. But it's still in its early stages.

  3. I swear Siren head looks like something the Doom Patrol would fight.

  4. Weird to think that siren head will be for today’s kids what slender man was for us.

  5. Sirenthead, or how I like it to be

    The earraper

  6. I like the classic look the 3rd one has, makes me nostalgic, also really like the siren effects

  7. fist game's sirenhead is slow as a dead snail in molasses

  8. Your wrong its was created by trevor Henderson

  9. The only thing i am afraid of is like slenderman and other creepy pastas

    They get turned into a horrible fan fic that ruined FNAF and such alike.

  10. For me, my greatest concern for Sirenhead is that people are turning into him into another generic slender man chasing you. When I see Sirenhead, I feel like the concept would be more interesting as being a neutral chaotic deliverer of bad omens or news. Just imagine yourself in a classroom or at home, then hearing a siren, then you look out the window seeing this creature simply staring at you. No one else can see or hear it but you, creating the feeling if isolation and loneliness. You feel a sense of dread and loss because you know something bad will occur to you and you can't seem to find a way to prevent that tragedy.

  11. I feel Siren Head has a huge sadness. Maybe he cannot know his lack of himself. I wish I will be with him a long time and listen his deep sigh and tweeting. Similarly with Kim Jong Un too, maybe. Somehow I think so. I don't know why. Why? You know?

  12. Omg the first game!!! AHHHH SO GOOD!!!

  13. Siren head has been lived trough 4 generations

  14. "Hello my lady, hello my lovely…"
    Hearing this sung by the frog is what kept me sane as a kid after listening to siren head cry all night.

  15. Is it bad that I was more worried when Siren Head went quiet in the first one?

    The 2nd one reminds me of another game, where you had to navigate an office with these patrolling monsters. You had to flip your camera back & forth between 2 frequencies, one let you see the monsters the other let you see the disarrayed office. It ended with you opening a door that was bricked over & one of the monsters killing you in that same red filtered way…I know SH can camouflage & change what the heads look like, but, it's still meant to be a 40ft tall creature at minimum…Trevor has hinted they might get bigger than that when responding to some fan art….I dunno. The 2nd one just rubs me the wrong way.

  16. Pair siren head with this music: the Caretaker “everywhere at the end of time”. Not a combo I’d recommend to any sane person 😊

  17. *Me being from Chicago

    “Hey I know that sound.. that’s the Chicago tornado siren”

  18. We might be know for our kindness but one of us Canadians made this monstrosity…

  19. Siren head should also plays fortunate son while chasing their victim

  20. what happened to the Galactic Crows gamejolt page??

  21. The 3 game is the one that in my knoledge started it all
    The 1 game has the best atmosphere and is overall the most faithfull in my opnion
    The 2 I really enjoyed how loud the siren noises are, so much so its disorienting, but it falls short on voice acting and the actuall size of Siren Head, that thing is supposed to be big, really big. It would be interesting if we could see it through the windows and maybe it could break some of them to try and get us.

  22. Sirenhead is Slenderman's autistic cousin.

  23. Convinced the voice actor in the second is @davie504

  24. It feels bad if Sirenhead becomes a new Slenderman. Unlike Slenderman he isn't public domain so people will definitely be dumb with it.

  25. Looks like Markiplier started another FNAF-like horror trend

  26. the sound could be an intro of a slipknot album


  28. Makes no sense why they'd attack you. Can't imagine how they became into existence either. It's like iPhone head.

    ABG: I implore you to reconsider!

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