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5 NEW Monster Taming Games You Never Knew! | May 2022!

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Today we’re checking out another 5 games that you probably never knew about! Lemme know in the comments how many of these you DID in fact already know about and which are your favourites 🙂


Summoner’s Tale:

Beast Socket:


Monster Morphers:

Super Auto Battlemon:

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  1. See this verse pleaseRevelation 14:12(1599 Geneva Bible)12 [a]Here is the patience of Saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

  2. Really interested in Monster Morpher. Kinda like Cassette Beasts gimmick wise. Not a fan of how far back the camera is atm, cause I wanna see the monsters, but super cool concept.

  3. Te final Game what your name??????????????????????????????????????????????.???

  4. More cheap looking 3d games and more generic pixel art. When will we get something like Nexomon again. You know, something that’s actually unique and interesting?

  5. That game with literal pokemon in it is doomed lol how did that one make the list? Crossbreeders looks sick though

  6. Okay first this :
    1. Crossbreeder X looks nice enough but I need to see some gameplay, not sure where I should have seen the breeding there, since it just looked like confused monsters walking around.

    2. Crosstide, normally something I wouldn't play since to many of them could take forever but this looks oddly nice.
    Not sure if the monsters will be enough for me, but the characters appear to be quirky enough and the art has something. I like it more than Stardew.

    3. Monster Morpher seems nice too, otherwise I would say the last four games look okay at least, but those might be my favourites.

    When the games come out, can you include links to where to get them or more informations? Maybe I just don't know every platform or whatever yet, but when i was asking the last time, I got two different answers from you and someone else.

    I think you concentrated on Roblox and the others mentioned something else. Not sure what it is exactly yet, but I heard of it already.

  7. there is a game called dungeonfall on roblox and the pets from it are the same ones in summoners tale so i think they stole it idk

  8. I knew the cross-breeding game; bugs are creepy though, so I will pass on it. lol

  9. Just a suggestion, but could you do a vid where you talk about games that are actually pokemon rip offs?

  10. Hi thank you for mentioning monster morphers, for the next month i will be focused in releasing more info about what are the planned features of the game and also revealing more details about the world and the story.

  11. SummonersWorld uses (at least some) same monster models as a game called "Idle Monster TD: Evolved" (on Steam). At least the bee, the wolf, the mole – those I recognized instantly,. Check the monster database on the game's wikia 😉 Is this the same developer, maybe? Or are those models just some store assets? The TD game looks rather cheap…

  12. Monster Morpher reminds me of Pokemon Reburst manga.

  13. cross breeder x and monster morpher looks the best ones in this list.

  14. Hmm in the autobattler was that the mushrooms pokemon just recolor? I can understand their is so much you can do with mushrooms but it looked pretty same.

  15. I don't know if you've made a vid on it but patch quest is one I like, I hope it gets coop since it reminds me of top down shooters I used to play but with monster collection

  16. I’ve seen some monster breeder x and it seems really early in development so I’m assuming most the games on this list are too

  17. Very interested in Crossbreeder X if it can be better than Monster Crown. Also, very interested in the auto battler.

  18. By the way the procedural breeding game is currently going by "Socket Beast", but is still undecided. Also it's the only one on this list I already knew about.

  19. I like the isometric look of Cross Breeder X.

  20. Cross breeder X is one of the most unique monster tamers ive ever seen

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