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8 Scariest Video Game Monsters

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Yup, we’re still traumatised.

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  1. Nemesis is cool as more an action character so i wouldn’t put him in this list as there’s much more scary monsters out there even in the RE series

  2. Ocarina of Time's floor master, enough said.

  3. I lol’d the first time I saw the re8 baby

  4. Nemesis got my vote by being the first RE baddie to break the games cardinal design rule. In the original RE1 and 2 you could escape a zombie/monster/BOW by running through a door and triggering that classic loading screen. Nemesis didn't play by those rules though as I will never forget hearing the taunt of "S. T. A. R. S" after running into a new room, thinking to myself "that's odd" and then being pinned to the ground under a door that he just shoulder charged his way through! Lol. It was at that moment I learned what true fear in gaming was lol.

  5. You forgot the most terrifying video game monster of all: The eel from Super Mario 64. 😨

  6. For a split second my brain thought the thumbnail for this video was the Court of the Crimson King front cover.

  7. Alien isolation is not from the movies universe, is more the movie +the game the universe, before the series became an action sh. Thing

  8. Using the least scary nemesis from the remake, the only lamer one would be the movie one

  9. The sound design for the Gatherers really helps them, too. Like that awful sound of their skin stretching and rubbing together when they're walking around is so fuckin gross

  10. The souls games have scarier monsters than literally almost any horror game. Actually now that I think about it I almost consider the soulsborne games horror games. They have jump scared me more than most horror games.

  11. Chris Walker is terrifying when playing on Insane, otherwise meh.

  12. Wow, no necromorphs from deadspace? I find those pretty scary!

  13. I would vote for the standard Imp from the original DOOM. Those guys used to terrify me if they snuck up on me when I was a kid.

  14. The wendigos from Until Dawn should be higher lol

  15. I really didn't like the fact that Pyramid Head was in Homecoming but I will admit he did look really cool in that one

  16. Honestly, between Resident Evil VII & VIII, I found Mia the most unsettling & horrifying character.

  17. The scariest video game enemie is blinking red RINGS. Or Todd Howard announcing an upcoming beloved franchise sequel at E3. 🖕🫵4&76

  18. Some fun facts about Chris Walker in Outlast that you can find out from the comics:

    1. He used to actually be a security guard for the asylum and was steadily losing his mind during it.

    2. 'Little Pig' I believe was his stuffed animal that was a small pig doll he was very attached to.

    3. He actually has good intentions for the murder that he's doing. It's too keep a certain something from escaping.

  19. Question, Jules – why is Scott "I hate PCs!" Tailford not on this list?

  20. Tall vampire lady.. you mean Lady Alcina Dimitrescu? Kinda.lazy you couldn't take 2 seconds to look up her name

  21. The fetus monster in REV is no scarier than Lady D, it just follows you and is super slow

  22. Where did they come up with the fetus monster being Rose?

  23. Good list.Would've had safe head from the "evil within" franchise in there though..One of the few times that a game left me with shaky hands.Never forget that guy.

  24. RE2 Remake's Mr X really should have taken the top spot over nemesis. Re3make seriously underutilised nemesis as an antagonist, especially comparing against RE2. Being trapped in claustrophobic corridors with only the pounding of his footsteps to warn you he's getting closer was far scarier than the 90% scripted appearances of nemesis.

  25. OK, so this might only work for the arachnophobes in this world, but the giant spiders in Thief: The Dark Project and Thief 2 were terrifying. Especially on any level where they could roam freely. I think the level "Escape!" in the first game was probably the pinnacle of that – loads of the damned things and very limited arrow availability to take them on (yes, I am aware you can attack them with your sword, but… no. Just. No. Ranged weapons or running away only….)

  26. …yes,

    pyramid head "massacres" those 2 monsters

  27. Brannigan Carter - Author & Film Maker says:

    Honestly I was more scared of Mr X I’m the RE2 remake

  28. I thought Laura from Evil Within would be in this list :T

  29. The Amygdala from Bloodborne has to be number 1.

  30. Nemesis is only a cutscene there's really nothing scary about him.

  31. My wife and I enjoyed Until Dawn. It was a Christmas present from her, I would handle the controller and we would both play it together. After our play through I went back and got the Platinum.

  32. Sinistar hungers for a place on this list.

  33. It’s not a virus in Outlast? They’re mutated as a result of being subjected to the Morphogenic Engine, but it’s not a viral outbreak that leads to the events of the first game.

  34. Nemesis is not that scary… Just relentless!

  35. Almost every monster from both titles of "The Suffering".

  36. Loved this list that monster baby really scared the hell out of me not having my weapons and being trapped in a dark basement with that thing was Nightmare fuel

  37. I watched a ton of youtube essays about REVIII before playing, so the baby moment was spoiled for me. Even so, I was still creeped the f out when it appeared. Great monster reveal!

  38. Nothing from a game hit my fear harder than the Reaper Leviathan out of Subnautica
    That was diabolical but in the best way possible.

  39. Honestly,my pick is the neighbour from hello neighbour,at first it wasn't that bad cuz i played on easy mode,but when i turned it of,hohoo boy!

    The best part is,his ai actually learns from your gameplay.
    Like going through the front door? beartrap.
    Enjoy the side windows?
    Boarded up.
    Like that backdoor?

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