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8 Scariest Video Game Monsters

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Yup, we’re still traumatised.

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  1. You are completely wrong about outlast .. its not a game where a virus has spread in an asylum turning patients into zombie – like creatures and nor Chris Walker is technically a bad guy . I will explain .. the story basically tells about Mount massive Asylum where people and scientists conduct illegal experiments on patients and due to this the patients look very deformed .. plus the people in this asylum are also conducting " project Walrider " which is basically turning subject into small ghost like nanites and the reason Chris Walker wants to kill people because he wants to stop these ghost like nanites called Walrider to take over any host that it finds suitable because that's what Walrider wants to do and Chris AKA strongfat believes that this will create even more chaos and problems for the people in the world so he decides to kill everyone in the asylum who may become host for the Walrider so basically Chris is in a way trying to stop the evil called Walrider . And the reason why Chris calls protagonist " little pig " because the protagonist reminds him of a piggy toy Chris used to play with . And he doesn't taunt the protagonist he just means to say that he wanna kill the protagonist to stop the ghost like entity the Walrider from harming the protagonist ( so in a way he is friendly ) ! And one of the reasons he looks deformed because he mutilated his own nose and lips due to extreme anxiety and he also suffered from PTSD ! Therefore he is antogonist for sure but not villain or monster !

  2. What is really creepy about the gatherer is that he looks like a glitch that the creators decided to keep

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