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8 Terrifying Monsters Hidden In Open World Video Games

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Get ready to RUN.

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  1. WhatCulture playing Elden Ring: "OMG!!! THE HORROR!!!"

    Me playing Elden Ring: "Did that thing just flip me off?"

  2. The Crimson Fucker: Alucard, Lord Ţepeş says:

    Ebony warrior

  3. The Crimson Fucker: Alucard, Lord Ţepeş says:

    Re village secret boss

  4. The Crimson Fucker: Alucard, Lord Ţepeş says:

    Re 1 Crimson heads

  5. The south park episode is called Make Love Not Warcraft

  6. Outer Wilds was such a great game, especially for one that didn't have combat and instead had puzzles and a time element to it similar to Majora's Mask. Like, just thinking about those all together sounds like a dredge but I freakin loved that game so much, although they're right FECK those Angler fish. God that whole place was just…no.

  7. There's even bigger spiderhands in the mountian top of the gaints. They literally get bigger and bigger.

  8. Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region.

  9. Those bloody fish, here I am exploring a planet (without a ship might I add) that's practically impossible to see in, so obviously I think it's a good idea to just fly towards the light. It was not a good idea 🙃

  10. I wouldn't count the Spider Hands as "hidden" since they were in the trailer. I wasn't surprised to see these things in game so there was no "wth is that?!" Reaction

  11. No mans sky also has giant sandworms on some planets, they appear randomly and are neutral, but scared be first time i saw one as it landed quite near me.

  12. The chort in the Witcher 3 is scary, but the most terrifying thing from that game is the Caretaker from the Hearts of Stone DLC, hands down

  13. the OG SpiderHand still lays in the forest temple.

  14. Does alpha rapidash count in pokemon legends arceus. I mean entering battle to see that level really early in the game is horrifying. No just me?

  15. Really not gonna show the spider hand popping out of the ground?

  16. Say what you will, any time I hear BIOLOGICAL HORROR DETECTED and see the flash on the screen, I freak out because No Man’s Sky has done a really good job of scaring you when you need or see resources you want

  17. Did whatculture forget that Dark soul's mimics are a thing? Sure they only usually work once but that first time you get caught unaware is completely horrible as is the first fight with one that it doesn't catch you off guard will absolutely one or two shot you at that point

  18. Most beloved Assassin's Creed game?! Not even close! It was a good game, but nothing beats the first game and Ezio trilogy. Everyone I know rides the nuts of the Ezio trilogy. I personally like the first the best because the character development was great. You start out disliking Altair because he's an arrogant dickhead, but you love him by the end because of how much he has grown.

  19. …….those biological horrors look like the least horrifying thing on this list T_P? I dare to say they almost look cute the way they just strut towards you and whatnot…….

  20. I find the Leshen in the Witcher 3 a lot scarier. There is one roaming the forests of Velen, near Rearrdon manor. Generally this is an area with low level enemies and quests, so it's likely you'll run into it at a stage where it can one or two-shot you

  21. The hands in Elden ring Are called FINGERCREEPERS

  22. Giant Frostbite Spiders lurking in caves, ready to drop on your head in Skyrim. Also, Radscorpions and Mirelurk Hunters aka Giant Lobsters popping up from underground in Fallout 4

  23. Pocket Raptors… any guild wars 2 player can confirm the terror of pocket raptors

  24. Lets just ignore the fact that Spider Hand literaly raises you the middle finger before attacking

  25. There's a giant hand in the mountain top of the Giants

  26. In spore creature stage, the out of bounds water creature always terrified me!

  27. yet again elden ring outshines horizon forbidden west
    🙁 gotta feel bad for the sony people that like it

    ps the tide ripper looks like a lagiacris from the monster hunter series

  28. Those spider hands were terrifying till i found out they were highly flammable

  29. Elden Ring's Deathbird caught me so off guard with its appearance, my friend told me about it but forgot to tell me it's not a giant magic crow, but a deformed giant bird fetus with a damaged baby skull like head

  30. man hearing a unique space game referred to as elden ring breath of the wild style is really insane

  31. Slaughterspines are a spinosaurus not a T. rex…

  32. Forbidden west weren't even monsters nor scary lol

  33. I may hate from software's games but one they they do oh so well is create some of the most fucked up looking monsters in gaming. I am in hopes of a dark souls or bloodborne movie or show.

  34. Nothing I have seen or heard in this list surpasses the sheer, thalassophobic horror of the Secret Kraken in World of Warcraft.

    The mere picture of it sends shivers down my spine.

  35. Pls don’t look at this channel. It’s very old. says:

    I remember i played no man’s sky when those eggs first came out. I was the first one of “ the boys” to encounter one. We went on a mission to figure out what happened and asked other players for the entire night. Core no man’s sky memory for sure

  36. “Hidden” This is a game journalist list.

  37. Worst part…the spider hands…there’s a even bigger one near the fire giant….good luck.

  38. Dark Souls ins't open world, Elden Ring is.

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