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A dark fairy tale horror game with giant monsters | Bramble: The Mountain King (Full Game)

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It’s as good as Little Nightmares and one of the best indie games of 2023, I have waited years and it’s finally time to play Bramble: The Mountain King, this is my full walkthrough and gameplay for this incredible story game. A dark fairy tale adventure inspired by nordic folklore, like & subscribe for more games.

🟠 I read books here to help you sleep:

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0:00 What is Bramble? Like & subscribe!
0:30 Bramble Intro Scene
1:15 Bramble Gameplay Begins (Children’s Room)
5:03 Exploring the nearby forest
13:45 Mushroom Kingdom, I mean Gnome Village
31:00 The troll forest (aka the internet)
01:03:40 Monster in the lake (“Naecken’s Pond”)
1:26:40 Tuva & The Swamp (The Witch & The Midwife)
2:10:30 Skogsra (The Grove)
2:29:30 Pesta (Plague Village)
3:06:06 In the hall of the mountain king…..
3:38:00 Please like & subscribe for more!


  1. New here! You have the smoothest voice!

  2. Found a clip of this accidentally on some app dunno if it was FB or tiktok, but immediately got hooked and now binge watching this. Best part was 2:30:48 hahahahaha. Also, you have nice, calming voice imo only. Hahahaha. I never comment on yt videos, but I hadddd tooooo! Subscribeddddd!

  3. I didn’t expect this game to be as graphic as it is 😅

  4. That woman singing in the distance 😂 does anyone make games that aren’t a “souls-like”?

  5. I just started watch, but it’s giving me the movie, Trolls vibes

  6. Dude!



    I, I liked your playthrough;

    And I was right there the whole time, you made excellent banter, and you did a really good job!

    During the Mountain King,

    I was like,


    Wait, it's coming back-



    Excellent stuardship, sir!

    *Bows Low
    *Snaps Fingers

  7. THIS WAS GOOOOOOD MAY WE HAVE SOME MOR PLEASE?! More gameplays like this especially 2-3+ hrs with these kind of graphics and story telling

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, we found it. The best boss music.

    For real though, this game had me speachless! It was gorgeous, it was symbolic, it was an ode to norse mythology and a beautiful expirience that had me clutching my heart.

  9. Got hipnotized into writing a comment🥴😊

  10. I feel celtic, but Idk.. Jee kinda got me at the end, and Im confused too of the meaning.😅

  11. Oh dang 10 seconds in and im getting resident evil or penumbra vibes.

  12. Your voice is so relaxed, feels like an ASMR actually
    Great gameplay man!

  13. i love how the whole time hes fighting skogsra ( aka the on land siren) morph is flirting

  14. love that you make me smile sm under this game<33

  15. I wasn't the only one nearly tearing up on the hedgehog swimming sequence was I? Absolutely beautiful. This isn't a game. It's a work of art.

  16. This is so beautiful and nostalgic for me as a Swede 😭

  17. In the segment where you walked through the burning forest with the murdered witches you can see the old lady with the rake at one point walking in the woods and it got me so anxious when you didn’t see it 😂😂 I was like huuuuuh Morph? Morph?! Don’t leave me alone with this information 😬

  18. bro really just said "yo daddy chill"

  19. Yes, you're right, I came here after watching that segment on Instagram 😮

  20. crying laughing at the poor little gnomes running into the bear traps 🤣

  21. 10 min in and this game is SO beautiful. The voice acting. The character movements. The music. The vibes. Idk how it’s goin to go midway, but so far I am in love.

  22. Getting LotR:Gollum vibes from this game 🤣
    Only it’s much MUCH better looking and the story is interesting lol

  23. The SCP Foundation (Secure. Contain. Protect.) says:

    RIP Dave the gnome

  24. love listening to your voice! can't wait to look for this game after this

  25. I'm a couple of months late, but I wanted to say your voice is surprisingly peaceful for a horror game playthrough and I'm here for it. Also, wanted to explain some of the inspiration behind some of the things in this game:

    The Light Stone: it is literally the Spark of Courage. Olle loses it when he loses his sister, but after having survived his first night in Bramble, he gains a little bit of confidence. Aristotle's virtues and vices say that excess courage is rashness, which Olle exhibits when he fights the Skogra, stabbing her relentlessly with little thought to the consequences. He falls back to cowardice and has to regain his confidence when he fights Pesta.

    Nacken: based off of a nixie, or water spirit, specifically the Nokk from Nordic folklore, who plays songs on an enchanted violin to lure women and children to drown in the lakes. Not all were malevolent, as some stories just had them play music for others for entertainment.

    Tuva: based off of Helge Kjellen's fairytale Skutt the Moose and Princess Tuvstarr. Also based off of John Bauer's painting Princess Tuvstarr gazing down into the dark waters of the forest tarn. Only in image and name.

    Karrhaxen: the midwife in the swamp, themed after a Slavic house spirit called Kikimora. Kikimora were spirits created from tragic deaths (women and children only). Not all were evil and were actually known to help in the household, but the ones that originated from the swamps were evil. These kikimora were women who killed themselves, women who succumbed to the influence of demons, children who died unbaptized, and stillborn babies came back as kikimora. Specifically, the women would return with animal like features, like goat horns and glowing eyes while the children returned as black spirits.

    Skogsra: based off the Scandinavian forest spirit, hulder. Specifically called the Skogsra. They are described to be beautiful women with the tail of some animal, usually a cow, and a hollowed out tree like back.

    Draugr: nordic zombies. That's it.

    Pesta: the plague hag, brought about as a personification of the Black Death. When in town, if she brought her rake, some would survive, passing through the teeth of the rake. If she brought her broom, all would die.

    King Nils: loosely based off of Dovregubben, the troll king in the Norwegian play Per Gynt, from which the song In the Hall of the Mountain King originated from, specifically during the scene in which Peer Gynt flees Dovregubben and his trolls.

  26. I had a really hard time watching the zombie portion 🙈

  27. This game is one of my all time favorites. I love that you played it too. 😊

  28. I am an only child, I had a good childhood, but I always wanted a brother.

  29. I always thought Lillemor was a strange name, why name a person "Little Mom".. plus, its what my grandpa calls my grandma so to me its like an old people term of endearment and not a name. I've never met a Lillemor in real life, maybe that's why it seems so strange.

  30. This game kinda reminded me of over the garden wall, the TV show. Two siblings lost in the forist facing monsters after a near fatal accident.

  31. OKAY I’m a coward and I’m 100% gonna cheat on the “adjust until flower is barely visible” but HERE I GO! I’m gonna play it! I’m just gonna hear Morph’s voice in my head and it’ll be OKAY!!!!! It’s downloaded. I’m ready. Just gotta push A to start. Any second now. Here I go. I can do it. Yep. Yep. Yyyeeeeep!!!!

  32. i fell asleep to this video last night and i had the craziest dream

  33. what a beautifully made game. There needs to be more games like this

  34. its so lovely to be swedish right now, i can understand every phrase

  35. I knew that in the hall of the mountain king was in here. The title of the game literally has The Mountain King in it. That song is so iconic.

  36. I know the premise of the game is that his sister left for the forest but why is the first action he takes is go off the window? If I didn't see my sister in bed my first thought it would be that they went to go pee . assuming cuz of art style that they are I an era where the didn't have bathrooms inside the house, but out houses. I would no go in the woods looking for her when she is probably just taking a massive damp.

  37. Wow! The fact you managed this without being killed by bear traps, wicked beasts of folklore, and the scary ending boss fight even once!
    Such a pro gamer. 👏

    Lol, Really though, i never had such a huge spectrum of emotions when watching a gameplay. From innocent wholesome feelings, to frustration with the sister's blind sense of adventure, to sudden real fear, terror, intense panic, feeling smart figuring out puzzles alongside your gameplay, hope, dispair, sadness, joy, and relief. All while admiring the beautiful and horrors of art within the game.
    Thank you for sharing this, honestly it held me all the way through and…. for some odd reason after seeing some kaleidoscope art I found the video like and me subscribed…odd. Well, can't argue. You've become one of my new favorites to watch. Can't wait to catch up on past videos and enjoy what future uploads you have to share!

  38. Not sure why I'm commenting. Just feel like i should. Feel almost like I've been hypnotised or something…

  39. My Irish grandmother got me lots of folklore books as a kid. I had this one that I loved that featured Slavic (I can't remember which specific reagion) trolls and whanot, if I recall. I need to find that book again. I wonder if we have it somewhere in what little I still have from my childhood.

    I love weird and terrifying folklore of all kinds. The weirder, the better.

    Edit: Delending on the environment, I'm either really good at finding things or really bad. That first gnome right under his cursor at the very start that he didn't see was weirdly well-hidden, but not lol.

    Also, bad sister lol. The way she keeps just running off and leaving him. I have two brothers, with me as the eldest (sister). I wasnt always the closest with my brothers, but in a place like this, I can't see most siblings just ditching their younger sibling constantly like that. Even if they were really curious.

    Sorry, I also have to say…. I'm impatient, but even still, it's a bit frustrating how little this kid pays attention sometimes when he's clearly not "out of the woods yet." Lol. I'm just like "stop staring at the damn rock forever!"

  40. It is literal punishment watching you play games man

  41. 32:20 Im sorry— but the little baby gnome crying just pulled my heartstrings and made me cry. The little gnome just sounds so sad!

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