A friend from the sewer 🕷️ #shorts #monster #animation - godsandmonstersgame.com

A friend from the sewer 🕷️ #shorts #monster #animation

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  1. You touched his hat so he came out

    New fear unlocked

  2. Ето же чел из мема кремируйте её быстрее

  3. 化け物「ここいま工事してるから危ない!!」

  4. That ain’t no friend it’s my spider thank you for finding it😊

  5. It: “you’re not worth it”
    Me: you’re not worth it

  6. Oh that’s just fred say hi fred 😀😀

  7. Was not expecting that to have that many legs

  8. Dont worry guys its despacito from roblox

  9. This is what happens when you do too much acid and have a bad trip after watching Toy Story

  10. Привет петя помнишь того паука которого та смыл в унитаз ну вот он вернулся

  11. Seems like a nice person. 10/10 would hang with again.

  12. Bread Of Life Community Outreach Foundation LLC says:

    Bro I’m dipping if I see this

  13. When they let you off with a warning

  14. Am I the only one who said:

    “He’s kinda cute”

    If you said he’s cute then

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