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A New Look at Monster Hunter Rise – Nintendo Switch

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New monsters, familiar foes, a new area, and more. Check out this action-packed look at Monster Hunter Rise, coming to Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021!

A demo will be available in January! Keep an eye out for more information in the future.

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  1. some toukiden 2 vibes with the grappling but i love how more free it is. the design and animation is admirable. this seems like a very special mh title. can't wait to play it portable!

  2. These games are the thickest RPGs around and one of the only RPGs I care about ready for that demo

  3. Is flooded forest the same place where you meet Gobul in MH3? Cause god he was scary to me

  4. Give kezu a theme, hes so boring to fight without it

  5. I just pre ordered this! I wanted MH to drop on switch since i heard of world! & i was disappionted in the last one that came to this cancelled my prenl order when i realized it was just a port basically of the one on 3ds, no wonder its kind of still looked 3DS-ish🤔, i was bummed out.

    Im excited now to finally see freaken graphics that look more closely related to World graphics😀 & I cant wait to dress up my palico!! ( since I'm a 'cat' person lol.

  6. Prediction: A character representing MH Rise will be one of the remaining 3 fighters on Smash Ultimate, and the Wirebug will be the whole gimmick to their moveset.

  7. Prediction: A character representing MH Rise will be one of the remaining 3 fighters on Smash Ultimate, and the Wirebug will be the whole gimmick to their moveset.

  8. the games on switch arent that great im gonna hold off on buying one for a ps5.

    Capcom: monster hunter with wolfboi mounts?

    "looks at wallet" ….it will be done my lord

  9. How can march be so close yet so far away ? And does someone know if what the girl sings in the begining means something ? The musics look fantastic, and can't wait !

  10. Azure Starlord armour should be in the game if it isn’t I’ll be upset and won’t be able to do my

    Order of Sapphire Star Lords

  11. Mmmmmmmm mbhhh word was a ground breaking game beautiful this oh this is ……..horse crap

  12. Must. Procrastinate. By parkouring. On buildings.

  13. We all know this isn't what the switch version will look like

  14. I'm not buying this until they bring G rank

  15. How is there blood in the demo??! Plesse say there is an option to turn it off. That has turned me off from these games, but I hope this has an option to turn off gore and blood.

  16. Just played the demo, the player character needs to stop talking!!!!. This is monster hunter, stop with the player voice acting please.

  17. Anyone else hoping we get some fruit ninja action with the bishaten?

  18. Demo is released! If you want to see free roam of this game you can check my videos

  19. This is like an extension of portable 3rd. Kind of nostalgic.

  20. Me: A newbie.

    Also me: Sees huge stampede coming.

    Finally me: F**k.

  21. This is going to be my first Monster Hunter game. It looks very nice and I hope I have a good time with this one!

  22. Hello, Capcom! The game is wonderful. I'm totally addicted <3

    Thank you very much for this work of art.

    I would like to make some bug notes and things that can be added to further improve the game experience:


    1) When Rathian flies away and the aim is locked on her, the game returns a strange noise as if the aim is trying to turn on and off. This happens when you set the Camera Style setting to "Focus Camera".

    2) Sometimes, and I don't know why, the gyro reticle stay activated while riding a Palamute. I use gyro aim activated only for Wirebugs and aim for ranged weapons.

    3) One of the control inputs for Lance is not correct. In the Power Guard part it says: "Press [ZR + A] while charging Counter-thrust […]", when in fact this is the input for Counter-Thrust itself. The correct one would be "Press [B] – crouching button – while in Counter-Thrust stance/pose […] or better, Crouch by pressing [B] while keeping the ZR pressed in the Counter stance to Power Guard […]"

    4) Sometimes some inputs seemed to have a certain delay, but as this is a demo, I imagine theres many things will be improved in the final evrsion 🙂


    – HD Rumble support (we just need it)

    – where are the audiovisual indicators of the guard points? There is no feedback from the GPs, but there has always been in the franchise. please don't take that off. Why take off the audiovisual hints for GP? please, dont.

    – It seems kind of obvious and logical, but adding an Amaterasu (Okami) skin for the Palamutes is something everyone expects. Palamute's long-distance attacks (shots) and the whip-like-kinda-furious doggo attack, they could use Ammy's weapon, The Rosary. COME ON!

    – This is a UNIQUE opportunity to also add a Wolf Link Palamute skin (Zelda Twilight Princess) and, of course, Midna skin for the Palicos. Just PLEASE !!! All Nintendo fans wanna see Midna riding Wolf Link again <3

    – Why not keep the mechanics rolling and climb the MHGenUlt wall? It could be reprogrammed so that, while the weapon is stored, roll [B] towards the wall, then press [R] to start wallrun (it would be a gamechanger and add dynamics to battles, involving walljumps, wirehanging, serious ninja-sort of attacks, etc.). ..), it's a nice touch, as the game has a "ninja" atmosphere and the walls are all scalable;

    – This one os very importante! PLEASE add directional dodges (sideways and backwards) for the Palamutes when we are riding them. It would help immensely to reposition (like Beast Legion from Astral Chain) and make the movement even more fluid.

    – Thanks for bringing new types of monsters back. Please give us third and fourth generation monsters and less dinosaurs (Royal Ludroth and Mizutsune are leviathans, does that mean Lagiacrus and Agnaktor, RIGHT? <3, Seltas Queen, Nerscylla, Najarala, Zamtrios, Gore Magala, Valstrax, Gammoth, Glavenus , Astalos, Brachydios, Malfestio), please BRING EVERYONE BACK! This game deserves it.

    (Sorry for my english)

  23. I love how everyone here talks about the wyverns as if it was their boi

  24. Magnamalo look a lot like a Vajra in God eater

  25. Is this a good game I don’t know if I should get it or not lol

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