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Carrion is a reverse horror game where you play as the horrible monster that devours the entire human population… it’s great!


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    doors : bish are you all forgetting me and my friends ? I GOT RIPPED OUT

  2. No ur not a bLoB ur EnnArD bUrnT spAgEttI

  3. Eric Cartman The Commenter and Uploader says:

    SCP-002 has escaped containment

  4. Mark : 3:50 I feel a sense of great power inside me
    Lexian: great more editing (I don't know I was just trying to be funny)

  5. I know he should’ve of eaten the lot of people but it’s not a big deal

  6. I like The video why don’t you 🙏🏾

  7. Yeah actually for real make more it’s actually pretty good gets better

  8. I probably could play if you can play on phone

  9. Mark you gotta keep playing it gets so much better cmonnnnn

  10. I like how he usually leaves the normal people alive

  11. "Play, eat, grow, finish the game."
    – the principal objective of the game

  12. 23:17 LMAO this part was funny af. Mark's deep voice makes it so much better.

  13. Wait in the game you can get a building that allows you to control a human

  14. GET REKT GET REKT GET- destroys laser biohazaed REKT

  15. "baalallalalalallalala"
    number 1 sentcene of the year

  16. what was the thing at the start he was talking about?

  17. This is an example of why we should never give Mark unlimited power

  18. If only markipliar met the daddy long legs in rain world

  19. Im really late to this but imagine if yhey made this where it was online and the other players where the workers and they place in first person

  20. This kind of situation, when I am the powerful monster in games, makes those I'm playing with on the Xbox say I'm scaring them with my laugh

  21. I just thought, before lixian edits the video, mark is talking to nothingness 🙂

  22. Hello markiplier , iam Brazilian and i Love your channel

  23. what is vegaina? is it an adult thing im still 13

  24. Imagine: you are a guard with a pistol.
    You hear something behind you, turn around and there is a meat monster peek-a-booing with you through the fucking door.

  25. Imagine: you are a scientist in this facility.

    Suddenly one of the things, that are here for research, escapes.
    You try to exit the facility with your friends, but SUDDENLY they get eaten by the escaped beast right in front of you.

    You sit into the corner, crying, and wait for your doom.

    But… The beast does not hurt you. Instead it pins you to the corner with it's noodle-like flesh and tells you, in human speech, that… you are IT'S new… Friend.

    The creature leaves you.
    In a room.
    Soaked in blood of your colleagues.

    You sit there, trying to understand what the actual FUCK just happened.

    Later, the beast comes back… But in a much, MUCH bigger size.

    You are scared. You scream from fear.
    The creature immediately thrusts towards you and tells you to stay quiet, or else you will die.

    And it leaves once again, leaving you alive in this wretched place.

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