ADORE - Monster Taming Dungeon Crawling Roguelite -

ADORE – Monster Taming Dungeon Crawling Roguelite

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ADORE gameplay with Splattercat! Let’s Play ADORE and check out a game where you’ll serve the god of beasts and tame critters of all shapes and sizes in order to dispel a curse!

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  1. Controls seem awkward, and graphics and animations kind of low-budget. Like how there's no real animation for coming out of the portal, they just spawn a portal fx next to you.
    Also it really feels like you need ways to heal your creatures… with how chaotic combat is, it's really hard to prevent them from taking damage. Seems like with some bad luck you could end up in a dead-end, without creatures and without the means to capture more.

  2. can someone tell me why EVERYTHING is a roguelite?

  3. Goes through door marked with a skull surprised Pikachu

  4. I like this game when is it coming to the ps4

  5. havnt played this game, but it looks like you use stamina to recall the pets, rather than letting them come back of their own accord. so not sure its the best strat to constantly be recalling them

  6. Greatvids so far, but would appreciate it if you could mention in titles or description what platform thegameis. Like, is it for pc, android/ios, etc.

  7. They Should Do A Remake Of 'Azure Dreams'. It Was A Really Good Old Playstation Game.

  8. Why you so bad lol. Cool game anyway!

  9. So, it's like Hades – you keep losing and the game makes fun of you. Swell.

  10. not gonna lie, this game looks good, plays bad, these summon for single attack mechanics are kindla tasteless, instead of crafting pet synergies by permanent summon and support you use them like guns without bullets tho, boring.

  11. Rather than Pokemon, this seems to take inspiration from the Folklore game 🙂

  12. oh my god, this is a brazilian game, really good to see my country doing some quality stuff right there


  14. I'm srry but the second you referenced Digimon World one of the greatest games of all time I had to like and sub cause alot of people don't know if it's glory.

  15. so its a pokemon game called adore 😛

  16. "Why use the afterlife has for money? I don't know"

    Me: *Laughs in Anubis*

  17. Game reminds me of Folklore for the PS3; loved that game!

  18. Honestly, the game looks kinda boring to me..Not much action. Not sure if I like it that my character is completely passive with attacks.

  19. another great game concept that "dies" to weird visual design choices

  20. doesn't feel like you tame pets at all from the video, seems just like diablo, but skills have summon animations :/

  21. it's funny he's talking about digimon on the playstation but the digimon game I had on the playstation was basically pokemon. Turnbased and pretty sure you could pick your team

  22. That dragon statue reminds me a lot of Aurelion Sol (Google it)

  23. cool game, gameplay looks more like folklore(PS3)

  24. It's so hilarious how you missed about half the games basic mechanics and easily run and miss obvious stuff, still I'm glad I can find cool little games that I might of missed otherwise because of your videos.

  25. Pokemon: "here is your new best friend! Give her a name! Always take care of your best friend and make sure to bring her to the doctor when she gets sick."
    This game: "your nameless slave has died forever. moving on."

  26. This reminds me of Jade Coccon 1 🙂 Such a beautifull game!

  27. Ok I have to say this but the fact that your deers named was Zella is scarily close to the name that I use in every game Zela

  28. this look so much like my next favorite game :3

  29. Basically we fight like Megumi from Jujustsu Kaisen.

  30. Wow that dialogue is absolutely horrendous.

  31. Omg I can check becoming a celestial wizard for a day off my bucket list

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