ADORE - Monster Taming Dungeon Crawling Roguelite -

ADORE – Monster Taming Dungeon Crawling Roguelite

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ADORE gameplay with Splattercat! Let’s Play ADORE and check out a game where you’ll serve the god of beasts and tame critters of all shapes and sizes in order to dispel a curse!

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  1. For supposedly being a god, Draknar talks a lot like a comment section troll.

  2. 1 what i HATE about splattercat, HE NEVER FINISHES ANYTHING!!!!

    2) what i LIKE about splattercat, he always is giving other INDIE GAMES a shot!

  3. Idk the trailers got me hyped but it kinda looks boring and really slow paced to me here

  4. I love monster training games. Adore looks cool. If there was a way to bond more with your creature I think it would be perfect.

  5. Check out Monster Sanctuary, seems really cool too

  6. So proud to see an Brazilian game being play'd by one of my favorites Youtuber!!! <3

  7. SplatterCat is not known for being very sharp. But he test everything.
    He gives a pretty good idea of what is going to the reaction of the market in general.

  8. I've been playing so many indie games. Way more than aaa games as of late. In fact most aaa games are just disappointing now.

  9. I don't like how he often doesn't understand mechanics, but never reads explanations where provided, or doesn't use mechanics even if he knows about them.

  10. god that stressed me out.. after stun use the 1st pet or the 3rd one.. come on =_=

  11. Hey Splatter, do you Stream ? i liked a lot your voice, i would lurk everytime.

  12. I really don't dig the artstyle in this one – it reminds me of that awful little prince inspired game it looks underbaked and kind of something you'd play on a phone.

  13. So this is Lost Kingdoms but rogue lite. Nice.

  14. beautiful game it seems really enjoyable and kinda relaxing but this guys game sense…not the best wont lie but damn his voice is good keep it up mate

  15. Reminds me of the avatar(not the movie) game on PS2

  16. i see the tittle and thought the game will be like jade cocon gameplay but entirely not.

  17. I can finally project my inner WoW Hunter onto something else. The game looks fun tho.

  18. Am I the only one that noticed that he missed an essence in the starting room, in his second game, first level?
    I keep expecting him to walk back to get it, and he just didn't.

  19. The textures need a little work, but otherwise it's looking promising. EDIT: Ah, that's much better.

  20. This reminds me a bit about Folklore back on PS3 in the day.

  21. This is the kind of games i was looking for since 1 stupid week

  22. It's seems like some kind of pokemon game, liked it

  23. "Not going to worry about stamina until it starts becoming an issue."

    3 minutes later at the next shrine: "Not going to worry about health right now."
    Health is literally what caused you to lose your first pet you were griping about when you picked stamina boost… lmao what are you doing.

  24. I have had this on my wish list for a while. I wait til they release xD

  25. When he missed an essence in first run after the tutorial D:

  26. Big monster deals 15 dmg « you don’t do a lot of damage do you? »
    small monster deal 6 dmg 2 times « wow! You get the job done! You go boy! »

  27. Your commentary and gameplay are very lackluster. I dont mind that youre bad at videogames but youre not funny nor interesting. Again im not mad at anything just a piece of advice.

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