ADORE - Monster Taming Dungeon Crawling Roguelite -

ADORE – Monster Taming Dungeon Crawling Roguelite

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ADORE gameplay with Splattercat! Let’s Play ADORE and check out a game where you’ll serve the god of beasts and tame critters of all shapes and sizes in order to dispel a curse!

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  1. 2 seconds into the game, oh hey, Yamcha

  2. While the music is not bad, it doesn't fit the theme. Too un-epic, un-wild, un-mysterious, un-divine, un-exotic, un-action-ish

  3. Comment and like for comments' and likes' sake. Thanks for the entertainment Splatt!

  4. Splat i dont know how you do it but you are the only youtuber who doest ask for money, extremely rarely posts sponsored content, doest sell merch. I really respect you, because you treat us like friends not retarded folks you milk money from like 99% of other youtubers.

  5. Hey man, love your vids. After playing so much games you should make a video each month highlighting your favorite ones! It would be awesome

  6. Oh, Splat. Even if you put the graphics on ultra high, everything looks like shit to me because my internet sucks and I can barely watch your videos. lol

  7. I get a nice Lost Kingdom vibe from summoning the critters to attack, minus the deck building aspect. Interesting premise and now my wallet is shaking in fear haha! (@[email protected]);

  8. There is yet to come the game that is as good as Digimon World 3 in genre.

  9. Oh a ytber with a good pc….and doesnt whine…ur God tier.

  10. This game has a nice soundtrack. As always, it would be great if you made it more prominent vs your voice, but unlike most uploads I can hear some of the tracks as is.

  11. Don't like this style of game, top-down, but admit it does look great! Maybe I'm slowly comin' around.

  12. The writing in these games is always Terrbad… like its written by a teen.

  13. Look's like a game i used to love on the wii called spectrobes was one of the best monster games i ever played.

  14. When you described the game to be similar to Digimon World, i was expecting it to be similar to Digimon World. But this looks closer to an ARPG Pokemon instead of Digimon. In DW your Digimon follows you around and auto battles enemies in range, but here seems that you can summon unsummon your pets as needed kinda like Pokemon anime


  16. I'd rather play this than another pokemon game

  17. Always love to see some good Brazilian coming to the scene <3

  18. Holy shit this looks great and it lines up with my two days off from work! Double bonus

  19. Finally gets the currency for permanent upgrades… I'm going to end it here and not show those to you…

  20. Since you aren't letting your first monster do all three of its attacks the antler monster is actually doing more, not less, damage. Also the poison creature doesn't do much damage because it puts down an area effect that gets removed when you recall it. It's like putting up a DoT that you immediately remove after it ticks once. You had a great combo that you never took advantage of. Throw out the area of effect, immediately stun the boss so it continues to take the damage, and then have your squirrel thing attack it constantly. Could have done a lot more damage and killed the boss much faster.

  21. "Ooh a key! What does that do?"
    Splatt doesn't know what keys do. smhead my s my headsm

  22. This is more like Azure Dreams from the PS1.

    Except not as good….

  23. For some reasons the gameplay reminds me of Folklore

  24. Protagonist kind of gives me Ang from Avatar vibes going with those glowing symbols on him

  25. Single player ARPG is boring as hell. Tried Wolcen n still boring. It has 1000% graphics betta than this crap.

  26. Thumbnail brought me here, I like this one alot, glad i found you fam!

  27. too bad they dont stay with u ,instead they are used as an ability

  28. Anybody remember that scene in the Pokemon Anime where Ash recalled his pokemon to dodge a surf attack?
    That's this game in a Nutshell.

  29. Please play more of this on the channel!

  30. Why do you always start with guys and gals why can’t be it he gals first? You sexist fuck I’m unsubbing and down voting

  31. Digimon World FTW!!!! Remember the Poop Monsters?! A lot of fun back in the day…

  32. now if you werent such a dense, unintuitive muppet of a player, the game would benefit.

  33. Come on splatty no time to see the permanent unlockes

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