All Mutants and Monsters in Metro Exodus 2019 -

All Mutants and Monsters in Metro Exodus 2019

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The mutants and monsters in Metro Exodus looks really awesome! After I fully recorded the game with special encounters with these creatures (took me several days to achieve all of these encounters) I decided to make this original video where I show all the encounters with these special creatures mutated due to nuclear impact. I really hope you like! Much love!

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  1. That bear looks friendly in the first time it appear but later…

  2. 7:21 Wait, that sound is from Dead Trigger 2!

    11:10 and when he falls, the combine soldiers step from Half Life

  3. Nuclear war in real life: Everything dies
    Nuclear war in sci-fi: Humans suffer while everything else not only survives but mutates and thrives…

  4. My ONLY complaint about this game is that you get the crossbow/helsing too late in the game, I would've loved to have the crossbow for most of the campaign instead of the compulsory tikhar

  5. I prefer the first two metro games, but Exodus did a great job of improving how violent and dangerous the mutants can be. As someone who is afraid of water, completing the Volga and last metro tunnel mission was fucking terrifying.

  6. The fact that the creator of fortnite made this surprises me

  7. I beat metro Exodus on bad ending i have all monsters map though

  8. Im very sad that we not got to see the little dark one all grown up 🙁

  9. So the monster thing at beginning is alligator Wright?

  10. Kinda want a watchmen pet…probably bad idea.

  11. Why would someone dislike this, you got what you came for

  12. the funny thing is that Stalker (the creators of Metro) came out much earlier than Fallout 3 as a post apocalyptic FPS RPG with an open world, but at the same time the stalker himself was inspired by the very first 2d fallout

  13. The bear has to be related to the Condemned 2 bear. Both are way to persistent and bullet proof.

  14. their cool but its actually not that many what was that 6/7 some games have 30 monster types

  15. If you wonder, Bozhe moi means Oh my god in Russian and Bulgarian

  16. Imagine if those disgustingly scary looking beast were appart if our reality, their post radioactive fate is unfortunate but it's hard tryna have sympathy for em. Kudos to the developers 🤮🔥

  17. 0:40 такое чувство, что они спиздили полтергейста из сталкера, ну или електру

  18. Salute to this man who risked life and limbs to film this

  19. Daz is going to be so scared with all of that lol

  20. Artyom seeing a mutant Bear again.
    “Oh god dammit not again!”

  21. I slept on this game thinking it wouldn't be as good as the first 2 because there was very little buzz about it. But it's probably my favourite of the series. So underrated.

  22. I like the mutant bear and mutant gorilla (Or some sort of ape)

  23. This basically a more accurate look of how some animals would look like after a nuclear blast
    Then how the creatures in fallout look like

  24. Those people arguing whether on who should eat you feels far more concerning than the actual mutated monsters

  25. Imagine if the gorilla had eyes still

  26. 𝗣𝗢𝗣𝗣𝗜𝗡 𝗞𝗛𝗜𝗘𝗠 says:

    When the Metro released Metro Exodus, i just play Metro 2033! Lol

  27. I didn't play the game but…

    … are you going to leave the poor guy ALONE ???

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