All Mutants and Monsters in Metro Exodus 2019 -

All Mutants and Monsters in Metro Exodus 2019

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The mutants and monsters in Metro Exodus looks really awesome! After I fully recorded the game with special encounters with these creatures (took me several days to achieve all of these encounters) I decided to make this original video where I show all the encounters with these special creatures mutated due to nuclear impact. I really hope you like! Much love!

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  1. I didn't play the game but…

    … are you going to leave the poor guy ALONE ???

  2. π—£π—’π—£π—£π—œπ—‘ π—žπ—›π—œπ—˜π—  says:

    When the Metro released Metro Exodus, i just play Metro 2033! Lol

  3. Imagine if the gorilla had eyes still

  4. Those people arguing whether on who should eat you feels far more concerning than the actual mutated monsters

  5. This basically a more accurate look of how some animals would look like after a nuclear blast
    Then how the creatures in fallout look like

  6. I like the mutant bear and mutant gorilla (Or some sort of ape)

  7. I slept on this game thinking it wouldn't be as good as the first 2 because there was very little buzz about it. But it's probably my favourite of the series. So underrated.

  8. Artyom seeing a mutant Bear again.
    β€œOh god dammit not again!”

  9. Daz is going to be so scared with all of that lol

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