Another MONSTER Game for Derrick Henry w/ 170 Yards & 2 TDs! -

Another MONSTER Game for Derrick Henry w/ 170 Yards & 2 TDs!

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Check out Derrick Henry highlights from Week 15. The Tennessee Titans take on the New York Giants during Week 15 of the 2018 NFL season.

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  1. About 110 yards away from 1000 yards

  2. i mean every carry, this dudes pick ups 4 yards at least, you try and tackle him he will fall forward to pick up more yards. not the sexiest style of running but man it works.

  3. Maybe Titans coaching staff is beginning to understand what plays/situations optimize Henry's abilities. Stretch plays to let him choose the gap before squaring his shoulders etc. He's not at his best straight up the gut (he ain't Eddie George). Need delays/misdirection/counters and off he goes. If he gets that 4th step unimpeded w/shoulders squared…look out. Do it right and even on "bad" plays he's going to "fall" for 4 yards. FEED THE BEAST

  4. They need to feed this man. He is an old fashioned BELLCOW back 💪💪💪

  5. He's a good player, but, I think they use him TOO MUCH, reminds me of Larry Johnson with the KC Chiefs. It will be a short career if games like this become the norm.

  6. The real MVP was that mariota block tho. Looked like that linebacker took a fiat to the chest.

  7. 400+ Yards and 6 TD's is a pretty good 2 game set!

  8. We just need to beat the Colts in week 17, the Redskins will be a breeze, and we need to feed this beast the ball more, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s going to break 1,000 yds in the next 2 games

  9. He could break 1,300 if we fed him the ball more

  10. Great job DH keep up the good work!💪

  11. When you claim Henry from free agent and forget to start him. Feelsbadman.

  12. i can't imagine what it must be like for a defense trying to tackle a small horse all game long. the more carries he gets the stronger and faster he plays.

  13. Nice to see the titans coaching staff finally realize they had a Heisman winning RB at their disposal. Only took them 14 weeks to notice.

  14. 0:57 was wondering why this play was in the video.. but Henry got himself a nice lil pass comletion lol

  15. Guys that big aren't supposed to be able to juke CB's.

  16. What I love about Henry is he's very humble. no matter how big of a game he has, he gives all the praise to his Teammates. Even earlier in the Season when he was struggling and they was using Dion more he never complained all he did was look in the mirror work thru it and when it started going for him once again it's all about his Teammates…Gotta love it #TITANUP

  17. When will defenders learn to not attempt to tackle him high? They are asking to be run over or stiff armed…

  18. I honestly thought after the playoff game against the chiefs where he had over 150 and 2 scores that he wld be the lead back this yr and even thought that more when demarco murray retired. I like d.lewis as a change of pace back, dif packages n pass game etc. But i still think henry cld be a 12 to 15 tds and 1300 to 1600 yard back in the nfl for the next 5 years or more.

  19. Ever since high school I knew this dude was gonna be a beast..

  20. The most stiff rb I have ever seen lmao

  21. Oh the joy of someone in my league giving up on him and dropping him with three games left so that I could pick him him up to lead my team to the Fantasy bowl! Go Derek Henry!

  22. Let derrick carry you into the playoffs. Combine that and get the play action going

  23. Ready for him to get like 300 yards against that Redskins d😂

  24. Man I had him at the beginning of the year where you been bruh

  25. 2:25 #97 giants got owned the whole play then That scream at the end

  26. This man ladies n gents is the reason why I’m now playing for 3rd place in fantasy smh.

  27. dudes stride is rediculous. Look how hard BW Webb was working and Henry didn't even look like he was trying.

  28. Just picked him up on the waiver wire today lol… 🙂 Have Melvin Gordon to btw..

  29. Derrick Henry is only 24 years old. This could be only the beginning IF they give him the carries. 20-25 per game should be the new standard.

  30. Once you get this man moving, he becomes one of the most dangerous runners in the game.

  31. 23 was getting destroyed 💪💪💪

  32. The way he just out powers everyone through the crowd is crazy.

  33. Why does this man keep repeating his name after every run 😂

  34. We would had made playoffs if we started Henry week 1 and not late season

  35. My man henry got surgical on the giants

  36. I guess that talk with Eddie George woke Derrick Henry up. Ijs.

  37. #23 for the Giants was tired of Henry's ass.

  38. My auction draft is coming up. This decision is killing me.

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