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AVENGER Freestyle in 12 Different Monster Jam Games

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I compiled the freestyle performances of Avenger, one of Monster Jam’s favorite Trucks, from different games. Avenger, with its 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air chassis, has been before the audience for many years as one of the favorite Monster Trucks of Monster Jam fans with its awesome design.

Games List:
00:00 – Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction
00:10 – Monster 4×4: Masters of Metal
00:19 – Rigs of Rods
00:33 – Monster Jam
00:45 – Monster Jam: Urban Assault
01:01 – Monster Jam: Path of Destruction
01:16 – Monster Jam Mobile
01:31 – Monster Jam Battlegrounds
01:43 – Monster Jam: Crush It!
01:55 – Monster Truck Championship
02:12 – Monster Jam Steel Titans 2
02:27 – Bonus: Roblox


More info for Avenger:


  1. Rig of rods is one of the best tbh fight me

  2. The freestyle part in Maximum Destruction was just really poorly made honestly

  3. Hey cars in video games when are you going to friend me on Roblox?

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