Bam Adebayo Monster Game Saving Block On Jayson Tatum | Game 1 | Celtics vs Heat -

Bam Adebayo Monster Game Saving Block On Jayson Tatum | Game 1 | Celtics vs Heat

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Follow my new media channel: Bam Adebayo with the HUGE block at the rim to seal Miami’s win in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals!

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  1. Bam looks like if Dwight Howard and Jahlil Okafor has a child together!

  2. He just likes forcefully take a candy out of a kid, and then push him to the ground after

  3. That bron block on splitter at the rim is lowkey one of the greatest blocks of all time

  4. I’ll give you two better blocks. T.Prince. And LeBron James.

  5. LOL this guy thinks he slams on 1st team all defence centre…

  6. block of the year, poor commentary tho, just watch it in turkish by kaan kural and feel the goosebumps man, you dont need to know turkish tho

  7. Looks like he almost broke his arm too. Crazy block!

  8. Tatum block Adebayo also (after the game in instagram ) …

  9. Can't wait to see how Tatum responds next year. He was a beast in the playoffs (25-10-5 and 28-11-7 in closeout/elimination games), but this play is what will be remembered from their playoff run. If the dunk goes down, the momentum almost certainly carries them to victory in game 1, and then likely the series.

  10. This block sign a max contract for our boy. Well deserved for his playoff performance.

  11. If Tatum didn't cock it back I think he could have finished the dunk. Unbelievable block though!

  12. One of the most beautiful blocks ever…perfectly timed…even caught the ball afterwards lol

  13. You can even see the look on Tatum's face, priceless lol

  14. Who is here before Heat Celtics tonight? Let's Go Heat!

  15. Nobody else is going to do, I’ll do it. Bam AdebayNo

    Most memorable call of the 2020 season. Right up there with "Blocked by James"!!

  17. Of course an ex-Duke player just can't get it done.

  18. As far as I'm concerned this is the #3 block of all time being Tayshaun Prince and Lebron

  19. Back here after the Giannis block and this still is a better block. I hate it too cause ima Celtics fan.

  20. Came back here after reading Giannis' block is the greatest in finals history.

  21. Why can’t Eric collins commentate every play

  22. And now here we go again. Heat 🌴🔥

  23. Back here after NBA 2022-23 conference finals got its bubble reunion

  24. I wish espn talked about this block instead of the lebron block thats overplayed

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