Becoming Barioth Armor Set Cosplay from the game Monster Hunter Rise | Cosplay Transformation Video -

Becoming Barioth Armor Set Cosplay from the game Monster Hunter Rise | Cosplay Transformation Video

Tiffany Gordon Cosplay
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Tiffany getting dressed in her Barioth Armor Set cosplay with Blizzarioth Dual Blades for the first time.

Character: Barioth Armor Set with Blizzarioth Dual Blades
Game: Monster Hunter Rise
Costume hand made by: Tiffany Gordon Cosplay
Modeled by: Tiffany Gordon Cosplay
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  1. Amazing build! Looks like it was pulled right from the screen! Though Im surprised by the lack of the sling (I can’t actually remember if thats what it’s called but its what I call the slingshot thing on your arm)
    This is from MH:R which I have not played so I do not know if this armour actually has one or not.

  2. Looks to much like Skyrim dragon armor lol

  3. The whole fit was Fire UP TO THE POINT of the dual blades.. ❤️hahah (Great sword user)

  4. Maravilhosa!!!😙😙😙💖💖😍😍.

  5. The fact that, you look like Alloy from Horizon Games Series

  6. id like to see this on a heavier set male i feel like a dad bod can really pull off that barioth look

  7. I thought it was going to be a literal Barioth cosplay, was very excited.
    Still great armor set cosplay tho 👍

  8. eee, it's so neat seeing people dress up in monster hunter armor.

  9. This made wanna play monster Hunter again ! Ty looks cool

  10. You should put on the best upgraded armor parts ! Do a best upgrade video

  11. I keep mistaking "barioth" with "baroth" and I thought to my self "why the trashcan armour?"

  12. Cool cosplay, the dislike its because is Barioth

  13. Holy… if you are still doing this the magnamalo amiibo one is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  14. Tienes el cuerpo perfecto para la armadura por que todos sabemos que las cazadoras no son tan voluptuosas sino algo más atléticas te quedo super bien

  15. For a second I read ‘Barroth’ instead of ‘Barioth’

    Looks pretty!

  16. She went from casual outfit to buff body outfit to barioth outfit 😂

  17. Found a white fatealise in Australia (lost him tho, need help re-finding him)

  18. Starts with Barioth Armor cosplay. You know what Based

    Then shows the dual blades. That's a gigachad move right there

  19. Pour one out to all those poor Barioths that were slain at the hands of this hunter.

  20. "Hang on, Barroths aren't blue"

    Checks title again


  21. This is why you don't become roommates with your friends

  22. Все было нормально, пока парик не одела. Оказывается нижний мех и верхний одного цвета и структуры.

  23. Hi, I'm new and I liked the armor of which monster is it?

  24. Все расиво но грудь можно было неснимать а то разделась и грудь сняла

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