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Best Games Where You Play as a Monster | MojoPlays

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Welcome to MojoPlays! Today, we’re looking at the best games where you play as a monster. Games where you play as a villain or the hero are both acceptable, as long as you don’t play a human. For this video, we’ll be excluding fighting games and MOBAs, and are primarily looking at games where being a monster is an integral part of the gameplay and story.


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  1. I feel like overlord should've been on there somewhere, it even had a sequel that was equally evil.

  2. I raise my hand not knowing the Rampage movie was a good game!

  3. Is nobody gonna point out that it's ghostface and not leatherface

  4. Very impressed you got Blood Omen on here <3

  5. AvP was one of the most awesome multi-player games I've ever played

  6. I loved Evolve, wish it had a better following.

  7. i didnt find JAWS: unleashed in this video…

  8. 6) RAMPAGE
    5) Ultimate Spider-Man (Venom Gameplay)
    4) Aliens vs Predator
    3) Skyrim
    2) Predator: Concrete Jungle
    1) JAWS: Unleashed

  9. There is a newer game out now called sea salt where you play as a horde of monsters from the sea sent to claim their rightful sacrifices. Its a cool game, if not to play then to watch being played.

  10. evolve 🙁 my love i wish i could bring you back

  11. I’m glad to see someone remembers Stubbs.

  12. It makes me sad that avps online is basically dead

  13. Can we get another alien vs predator game or remake/remaster

  14. “Evolve”

    Oh you mean that game that is dead now? Yeah, totally able to play the monster in that one.

  15. Why wasn't Friday the 13th game mentioned at all you play as Jason he's a monster smh

  16. "It's around here someplace"

    Me: oh, nice

  17. just a shame that evolve is literally shut down, cant buy DLC so you can't get locked characters anymore and the official servers are down. On top of all that the only version worth playing is console because its the only version that was not ruined by "evolve stage 2" which changed the hunting style gameplay over to a brawl based arena gameplay style.

  18. I hate multiplayer games, aren't there single player games that are more serious where you don't play as the human …??

  19. if blood omen 2 legacy of Kain isn't on here you didn't do enough research….

  20. Does anyone remember that ps3 game where you create your own giant monster and the gameplay and plot was pretty much like every godzilla movie, destroy the city and just cause as much destruction as possible. Because I really want to find that game again, I just can't remember the title


    ඉතින්අයිසිස් ඔබට මට කියන්න අවශ්‍ය ඇයිඔහු ඇසුවා ඔහුගේ ගැඹුරුසුඛෝපභෝගී හ නඅඩක් යටපත් විය

  22. God Evolve was the SHIT. Most fun I ever had in a video game my entire life.
    I've been playing games since my Vic-20, and Evolve is still my favorite game of all time; I hope some day we get a game that has monsters like that again. There has never been a game that has playable monsters of that quality.

  23. Talks a about evolve has wraith on screen does not talk about wraith

  24. I'm not sure if "Destroy All Humans" qualifies for the "Monster" part but it's an awesome game.

  25. Stubbs the zombie is giving me Halo vibes idk why

  26. Seriously people, anyone here remember an oooold game from the early 90s,
    action-platformer where you play as various monsters that are scattered
    in several states e.g. Chicago (where you fight ghosts etc) Miami (fight gators etc) and maybe Arizona etc..?
    in each of these USA states you play as a different monster, it was really cool!

  27. I swear to god all these top ten lists just rip each other off, I've seen this same video three times essentially, they were all different videos, but they were the same down to the contender placement. Smh.

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