Binging with Babish: Chef's Choice Platter from Monster Hunter: World -

Binging with Babish: Chef’s Choice Platter from Monster Hunter: World

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The Chef’s Choice Platter has haunted me for years. A glorious, cross-cultural mishmash of cuisines piled high and deep, devoured by a warrior and downed with a flagon of ale. Then it dawned on me: it was a “chef’s choice” platter, and I’m the chef! So I’m making what I want and devouring it like a warrior – slowly, in sensible portions, as leftovers throughout the week.


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  1. That beverage looked fascinating. I'd love to try it, but you said mostly non alcoholic, or something to that effect, and my meds say to avoid alcohol…

  2. Looking at the end result…
    Me: I want it… 🤤

  3. I hope babish does the other platters throughout the monster hunter games some day (or days)

  4. I've wanted to do this since I started playing monster hunter. Now I have a guide.

  5. Wouldn’t it be crrraaaaaaaazzzzy if you made the bunny dango, because that would be crrraaaaaaaazzzzy

  6. The fact this guy rick rolled us with a fake "skip ad" button
    "Gotcha" killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. He said 14 Oz of tomatoes but the recipe says 8. Which Is it?

  8. I've always wondered, how do you effectively clean a meat grinder? Seems difficult. I've never used one before but it's always bugged me.

  9. Is there by any chance a cookbook from Babish with a recipe for this? I really want to try something like this but I’m a bit better when I read instructions

  10. That clip of him slicing a pineapple was 12 years ago I feel old now

  11. I’m so excited to get babish cookware !!!!!!!

  12. That wedge of Swiss must have been soooo expensive

  13. I hope either you or Alvin will give us the bunny dango from Rise/Sunbreak at some point.

  14. Outrageous that with all this heavenly food on offer, all I can think about is just going to town on that block of cheese.

  15. Just wait until he realizes their are seasonal meals in MH:W too and iceborne. 🥰 Love it either way

  16. Hey Babish, have you ever thought of taking a whack at any of the dishes from Genshin Impact?

  17. I like the inspiration from multiple cultures it's cool and feels appropriate for an experienced chef

  18. That scale is meant to weigh different ingredients lol.

  19. Always loved the way the cats cooked, and now I get to see that beautiful, savory looking meal irl. The only thing better would be to eat it.

  20. This is a metric ton of meat and seafood originally made by a bunch of cats

  21. Why is it so hard to find dishwasher safe knives 😟

  22. I love watching these videos, i often recreate them for dinners.. however..the one thing i hate about myself when it comes to food..I'm allergic to shrimp, so i can't enjoy the honesty super appetizing looking crustaceans

  23. When I saw his ad for his cooking equipment, I was like "I got to get those for my brother."

  24. Ever since watching this video, I now say sausage like babish.

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