Boss Monster - How To Play -

Boss Monster – How To Play

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In this video, we’re going to learn how to play Boss Monster! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – The Setup
02:41 – Building Rooms
04:11 – Gameplay Overview
04:45 – The Beginning Of The Turn Phase
05:15 – The Build Phase
05:37 – Spells
06:31 – Leveling Up
07:11 – The Bait Phase
08:44 – The Adventure Phase
10:43 – The End Phase
11:10 – How The Game Ends
11:52 – Epic Heroes
12:00 – Mulligans
12:11 – Destroying Rooms
12:43 – Conclusion

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  1. I have a few Questions, how i play with these minibosses. When i built the first room and i take a miniboss below that room, i can use the power from the miniboss with a coin. When i built another room over the room and over that room bevore, is the miniboss there still aktive? Will the miniboss with his functions Work for all overbuilt rooms?

    When i overbuilt a room with a room does the miniboss losing his coin who i before pay to aktivate him?

    When a miniboss is under 3 rooms and when i destroy these 3 rooms, must i take that miniboss away too?

    When a miniboss is under 3 rooms and when i destroy 2 rooms, must i take that miniboss away or is he still alive?

    Can i built a miniboss as stand alone or does i need a room to use a miniboss? Greetings, Alexander

  2. When you have rooms with abilities that must be declared by the player in order to activate, can you declare the room abilities on either player’s build or adventure phase? Ex: Destroy this room to gain one spell card.

  3. If I use a room ability to destroy my room. And my opponent used freeze. Does there spell out speed me destroying my own room. ? My gf and I argued because I thought what can you freeze that’s not there

  4. You might have said this but when the hero is placed in someone’s dungeon does it only move once every turn or does it go all the way through the dungeon in one turn

  5. I'm about 6 years late to this video but it was still so helpful and such a great way to show me how to play! thanks a lot for the help cause the manual … well it kinda sucks.

  6. When you're saying xp order is it decreasing order?
    Also, when there is a tie at the end of the game, the player who has the boss with the highest XP ammount win ? Isnt that unfair ?
    thanks for the upcoming replies

  7. How do you decide who the active player is?

  8. Just come hear to watch Boss Monster after seeing it in Backerkit for Overlord this looks better then overlord

  9. Watching this because my crush loves this game, and I'm gonna surprise him by offering to play with him ^_^

  10. If a room is destroyed with a room underneath while a hero is in it, when they get forced into the next room do they take the damage of the new room?

  11. I have qestion, game is for 4 People, but can you play with 5 or 6?

  12. If you want to build an advanced room, doesn't the card have to be the same type of monster or trap card and same treasure symbol or is it just me?

  13. Hi there: can you play a advance rooms in the build step with no normal room first? Or, are advance cards only played as aún evolution to a room after one common one is placed first?

  14. When a room says "you may destroy this room" when is that ability available?

  15. if I used a room card that has a "you may destroy another room in your dungeon to…" and the room I choose to destroy has a "When you destroy this room…" effect do i get both effects?

  16. So handsome and informative. I can’t wait to play.

  17. Hey I have bought Rise Of The Mini Bosses…but haven't played the other games, so it's all new to me. Have you done a 'How To Play' for that game?


    The aerial box spin was not yet even a twinkle in the eye…..

  19. So here I am watching a 6 years old video of a Game that I've played a Lot of times just because I love how the games are explained here!!!!

  20. I got a question and hopefully you can answer it. What happens when you run out of either spell cards or room cards? Do you get some? If so, how many?

  21. One thing i never understood is the destruction of rooms..what is the point of doing that and why would i place a room on another room instead of just destroying the previous room?

  22. I dont see anything in the manual about discarding two cards at setup. Is this something that has changed in new prints of the game?

  23. Broo, do the expansions pls c: good content (Y)

  24. Hello I have a question, I bought it and I do not have much idea of two things: how do the magic cards work in order? Specifically, how does the counterspell card apply to another? Type if the active player uses a magic and another player uses the counterspell is it deactivated? Or it doesn't work because the active player's card has priority? Or let's say that order doesn't matter, what happens if the active player uses a magic, another activates a counterspell and another activates another magic and has higher priority (XP) than the counterspell player? Deny the card of the other player with higher XP? Or that of the active player?

  25. Question. If I freeze a dungeon room in someone’s action or build faze and they have multiple heroes going through their dungeon does the freeze spell only apply to first hero that goes through or does it stay on there and apply for all the heroes that go through the dungeon for that turn?

  26. Im sorry im commenting 7 years after but when does the epic heroes come in play? Great vid though 👌

  27. Can you please explain in more detail how spells work during the adventure phase? Which players can cast them? In what order are they resolved? How many spells can be cast? Are there any counter-spells and how are these resolved?

  28. I don’t understand one piece: during the build turn, who is the active player? I thought it would just be in experience order since the first round the person with the most XP would go first, right?

  29. Best tutorial. You sir have an amazing charm. Amazing voice.

  30. I dig that the box looks just like an NES game case!

  31. Now this sounds like my kind of game! How have I not heard about this game until now?! This sounds so much fun!

  32. Great video, I was somewhat mislead by the manual. This really cleared things up. Thank you

  33. After you draw the initial 7 cards you discard 2, but do the player do that after the the turn?

  34. Your videos are absolutely amazing, so informative and clear. I was wondering: if two boss monsters have the same xp, how do you decide who goes first?

  35. Hadn't played in a couple years and didn't want to read through the manual again. Watching this on 2x speed was the perfect refresher.

  36. So if I’m not the active player during a build or action turn, can I cast spells?

  37. Why do i want to put spells on rooms that work in the favor of the heros? In rise of the mini bosses.

  38. It's incredible you're still replying to comments after 8 years.

  39. Whenever I want to learn how to play a new game, I always try to look for Rodney's videos first, because I think his videos are the clearest, most well explained ones out there without being too long. Great job, man!

  40. Receiving the expansions for this game today. Invigorated to play this again. Had to get a refresher along with expert game play in the playthrough videos with Luke and yourself.

  41. Can i play more than 1 room in the same building phase?

  42. If you have more than one hero going through your dungeon and they are killed at say card 2, do you start your next hero back at card 1, or card 3?

  43. Thanks. You made it easy!!!!

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