Capcom Monster Hunter Spotlight | Tokyo Game Show 2021 -

Capcom Monster Hunter Spotlight | Tokyo Game Show 2021

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Catch up on the latest details of the newly announced Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, as well as news and updates for Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, courtesy of the development team.

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  1. Where is the FIXED VERSION of Resident Evil 3 Remake with a Clock tower mansion, Raccoon park and Factory

  2. "Mom, can we have lagiacrus?"

    "We have lagiacrus at home"

    Lagiacrus at home: 46:09

  3. I feel like they force too much about the yokai. I can’t deny about the kappa.

  4. They cut resident evil so I won't buy this

  5. AUTO MODELISTA 🙏🙏🙏 cmon capcom I need the port at least

  6. capcom should stop making showcases and stick to consoles presentations to drop their bombs… they just build hype and disappoint like this…

  7. Why does the titled "Monster Hunter spotlight" stream not have Punky Bunky, the lovable Skunky from Limpie Dimpie on the Nintendo Duper Pooper Scooper!!!???

  8. Is this all Capcom is showing at the game show this year or is there more to come with other titles in the next few days ?

  9. How tf are people mad that a monster hunter spotlight only featured monster hunter. The delusion is so real I cant.

  10. Lol I havent even finished monster hunter world

  11. I’m excited for all this new MHR content but do we know if they’re going to show more games later?

  12. Concert was beautiful and the voice actors they brought are awesome

  13. Did Capcom show any other game in Tokyo Game show?

  14. These dummies ranting is further proof that reading comprehension is beyond them. 🤣

  15. Capcom is one of the few JP companies that know how to port to PC well

  16. People are really crying they showed capcoms biggest current franchise.

  17. Fuck that Monster Hunter thing! Where's the Director's Cut of Resident Evil 3 Remake?? JUSTICE FOR JILL!

  18. Um…don't kill me but is capcom gonna do more?

  19. So awesome that Mitsusune performance with bubbles all over the place!! 🥰🥰🥰

  20. Ok Amatsu! Your time to shine is only a few months away!

  21. Looks like crab is back on the menu boys!

  22. To the guy named sheik in the live chat

    Why are you so pathetic

  23. Title: Monster Hunter Spotlight
    Chat: RESIDENT EVIL!!!!

  24. Watching the RE fans get more and more desperate as the show went on was the real entertainment.

  25. By the way thanks nintendo for stealing bayonetta from playstation

  26. Really a black lady voicing a japanese lady come on

  27. Monster hunter world did you forget the main character never even talked maybe you should fix that

  28. How about bringing monster hunter back two ps4

  29. That initial street fighter track almost convinced me to buy the game.

  30. Them: Fatalis will be high difficulty and you’ll have to beat it in a certain number of turns. *Me beats high difficulty Fatalis and breaks the turn cap of 99 at the same time

  31. I would buy it day one waiting to play dying light 2 atm but would play monster hunter rise every day. Put it back on playstation Capcom

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