Carrion - Exclusive First 25 Minutes of Monster Massacre Gameplay -

Carrion – Exclusive First 25 Minutes of Monster Massacre Gameplay

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In this GameSpot exclusive for Devolver Digital’s reverse-horror game, Carrion, we have an extended look at the game’s grotesque and over-the-top action where you play as a mutating blob on the loose in a secret facility filled with unsuspecting humans. Launching on July 23 for PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Carrion is a unique horror game that puts you the role of the monster who has to wipe out everything in its path.


  1. It's better if the humans have dialogues for better immersion. Hearing them arguing, blaming each other, planning an escape, planning on how to eradicate the creature and making journals and distress calls would be awesome.

  2. Imagine if they made it a first-person horror game but now you're the victim

  3. I expected this game to be more like 1st person POV , then I would play it.

  4. This reminds me of that Spider-Man game on ds. Venom consumed ppl in a similar fashion. Now I feel old lol

  5. Явно вдохновлялись фильмом Нечто 🙂
    Looks like a film "The Thing"

  6. This game lowkey give off the same aura as Prototype

  7. Love how you made it very scary. Using the hotel right before a kill. Artfully done just like a horror movie.

  8. Where’s Mcready and his flamethrower when you need him.

  9. Imagine playing an FPS horror game trying to fight a monster like this with the same kind of mobility and movement speed.

  10. All i want to know is, what kind of science facility is this…. All the pipes and tunnels…

  11. This is more horrifying than 3D games… outstanding.

  12. hola!!! la verdad increible video lo disfrute bastante aguardo por el siguiente material los dejo les dejo kisses muchas gracias

  13. WHAT THE FUCK. Im so confused.. I though this game was already out for like a couple years.. I swear i remember seeing people laying it.
    im getting serious deja vu here.

  14. “When I get out of here, and I will. There’s gonna be Carnage…”

  15. This game is sick, monster reminds me of the movie Life!

  16. Cletus Cassidy called he wants his symbiote back

  17. Oh.. Here I thought it would be 3rd person.

  18. What is this? Helminth simulator?! Thanks. I don't need this.

  19. I like how most of people are saying that carrion is based off a asexual red mass without any organs and feeds on humans to stay alive instead of s alien trying to feed itself to humans so it can fix the ship

  20. the movement in this game looks fucking awesome, ima get this

  21. I wish there's a crossover between this and among us.. which would make it really similar to the thing movie's… Also would be awesome to play among us with this kind carnage XD

  22. How do you like …. Program this creature

  23. some sounds are very similar to the zerg sounds of starcraft

  24. Is the final boss Eminem?

    Cuz he might know a thing or two about spaghetti

  25. I don't get the hype. It looks like a game you would play on the original Gameboy like 20 years ago. Is this what the kids like playing these days?

  26. The crunching sound of eating a human is so satisfying

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