Carrion - Official Animated Launch Trailer | 'Become the Monster' -

Carrion – Official Animated Launch Trailer | ‘Become the Monster’

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CARRION is a reverse horror game in which you assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origins, stalking and consuming those that imprisoned you.

Trailer by CRCR / Wizz


  1. I wish you added this game to mobile 🙁

  2. Why haven’t they made a fuckin movie out of this? 🙄

  3. Was this animated short in the actual game? I just finished the game and didnt come across this at all….Im hoping they can fix the controls some at times they were not precise enough when fighting enemies and very frustrating…I used a m/k and not controller so im not sure if controller would be better for precision.

  4. Uhh why does this have 666k views-

  5. They should just add a little scene where the monster just comes like:skiddly da baboud e sklep and just show it saying hello to a human

  6. Please I need more games like this. I love horror and games where you are the horror can very clearly work so damn well. Give us something crazy, hell I’d play a game in this animation style and the gameplay of the actual game with multiplayer on it. Easily

  7. Just like among us when the monster is like the virus in among us that take over someone’s body and the virus is the imposter

  8. SCP-8309 has breached containment in Site [REDACTED] (Relith Science front).

    Time elapsed since breach: 49 Hours


    Remedy Proposal: Detonation of on-site nuclear device.

    Proposal Status: APPROVED BY 05-COMMAND

    Detonation in: 30 minutes.

  9. Bro imagine this online with game mode to survive of the monster as a people

    And the monster was a player THIS WILL BE SO FUCKING AMAZING

  10. Reminds me of the thing film that is my favorite movie

  11. My account got strike so use this account says:

    Everybody gangsta until intercom says:"MOBILE TASK FORCE ZETA 9 designated Mole rats HAS BEEN entered the facility. To all remaining Staff survivors are advised to go and stay in the Evacuation shelter or any other safe area until the unit has secured the facility.


  13. But just imagine this: a terrifying creature has broken out of containment and is destroying anyone in its path. You try running but it catches up to you, wriggling into your body. You feel it happen as it forces you to move. It takes you far enough away and then you feel your insides swelling. You feel sick and the pain starts rapidly increasing as your skin starts tearing. You start crying as the creature blows you up from the inside. Your last moments were crying in pain with no control over your own body.

  14. Love the way the monster is animated, it moves just like in the game

  15. Switch owners can wait until the end of october again -__-

  16. from now on, im gonna let humans that don't hurt me live, unless i need to regenerate

  17. All I ever wanted….in this world….

    is Carnage.

  18. Yoo it’s me guys, let me in and I’ll eat y’all

  19. nintendo switch ?

    hold on…


  20. Tbh I would watch this if it were a full fledge movie

  21. Imagine a whole Carrion tv series in this style!

  22. At last a game where we can be the monster and kill mankind in a brutal way. There are tons of movies out there and even more games where you are forced to avoid killing or have to play the good guy.

  23. me and my dad didnt know what game this was but we though it was a m o g u s lOL

  24. The men in this video: painfully dying
    The players: brrrr unnn chompy chomp chomp Pig oink sounds chompy brrr

  25. I thought of the perfect song for this game:
    Carry On My Wayward Son

  26. This game is kinda like playing as William Birkin in his 5th form

  27. I’ve never seen a short horror clip that scared me…this proves me wrong…

  28. You should release these for Android/ iOS ….

  29. can someone make it as a mobile version??

  30. I don't know why, but it reminded me a little of Stranger Things Mixed with Carnage

  31. The ptsd to the people who survived the monster is unreal

  32. But not too much don’t want to over killed the coolness of it

  33. It reminds me of the fungus that makes ants into "zombies".

  34. I had so much fun with this game when I first played it, I might play through it again soon.

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