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Choo-Choo Charles – Full Game Playthrough
The wait is finally over! Choo-Choo Charles is a first person survival horror game about a giant spider train they call “Charles”. Navigate an open-world island in an old train, upgrade it over time, and use it to fight an evil spider train named Charles. Let’s play Choo-Choo Charles!


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  1. I don't know why in God's name would you just stand there waiting for Charles to come tare that ass up. If this was real life, you be dead as hell.

  2. do you know they updated subnautica and they removed the console

  3. I must say, the voice acting is surprisingly very good in this game. I think even some big titles have worse acting than here

  4. I have a theory. This is in the same universe as Thomas the Tank Engine

  5. This is such a good game😊 but I can’t play it😢

  6. More people should know about this Walmart version of Markiplie 😀

  7. 45:19 NPC: My pickles!
    Player: JESUS
    Jesus: I know right, didn't know Red necks were suppose to be loud.

  8. He sounds like markiplier when he is screaming

  9. Can you play deadly broadcast I have MacBook Air and I don’t know what games to play on it but I’m thinking of playing it so could you play it if you have the time.

  10. im pretty shure that that wood thing is a easter egg refrenceing groot from avengers aka marvel. (sorry for my grammer)

  11. No they don’t help you to fight against Charles where Charles attacks were the person is at they just run away and look terrified

  12. Hey I don't want ya thinking I don't like ya when I said you add the arguing in the group on icys live if ya read the rest it's bc y'all are like the best rep of a married couple I found icy and skilly from you so how could I not love you ! You started it all and I hope you're doing well 💯❤️

  13. Heyyyy stranger, can you make a dangerous journey for a JOURNAL I forgot? cool thanks bro

  14. No matter how many different playthroughs I watch of Choo Choo Charles, I cannot express my level of joy on how everybody is surprised about trackstar Eugenes speed

  15. You making me laugh so much I just subscribed to your channel just keep it up my mate 😂👍

  16. 26:20 "charles is part of us" im pretty sure is what it says. Thats what it sounds closest to anyways

  17. What I love most about this game is that it's very obviously a meme game but still decided to take itself seriously in an overly comical way. It's more fun than scary and definitely very well done.

  18. Blood any other color but red pisses me off since when is red liquid violent

  19. Says God damn hundreds of times each video but blood is censored the next generations gonna be so confused

  20. He really needs to learn where to put capitals and where not to in is video titles; I'm saying this jokingly.

  21. 44:04-you literally flew into the air like you just gotten shot out of a cannon, that’s awesome but still gotten your ass eaten by Charles!! 😅😂

  22. That is your folt he die cuz u stop the train 😠

  23. Igp seam stressed 24/7 of this video but never relaxed

  24. Charles: actively hunting IGP
    IGP: I wanna get in his train.
    Charles: 👁👄👁

  25. Gang that lost their shit when the saw the ghost

  26. Did he ever notice the GUNS hanging on the wall? Can they be weilded by hand or just are they just for swapping out his turret? Mightve helped with that bandit camp. Also, I saw a track, could he have back the train down it and just mowed everyone down?

  27. no disrespect but who stand out in the open and says the monsters name if that was me i would be gone

  28. Something I never thought to ask, who put the gun on the train? Cause Eugene says he didn’t.

  29. it would be so funny if around the map were hidden buttons and if you clicked them all you could fight Charles in an AC130j ghostrider

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