Christian McCaffrey's MONSTER Game w/ 179 Total Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights -

Christian McCaffrey’s MONSTER Game w/ 179 Total Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights

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Christian McCaffrey had 93 rushing yards, 86 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown to finish out. The Carolina Panthers take on the Houston Texans during Week 4 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. Top 10 receiver And top 5 rb this this season.

  2. The Panthers select Christian McCaffrey
    Wide receiver … I mean running back

  3. I hope he have a long career, but since he's carrying my panthers offense, the hits from all the downs he plays will eventually come back to him when he's older.

  4. should’ve drafted him instead of barkley and I had to play him this week. I’m about to be 1-3 but I have a god squad

  5. Honestly has he shown enough to the haters yet? He easily one of the best players in the NFL now. Period.

  6. Give him some damn rest. 30 to 33 touches is enough. Coaches should focus on keeping him fresh should they make the playoffs.
    They have two talented backs who can contribute.

  7. Christian McCaffrey the best Running back in NFL

  8. Team is going to use him up and spit him out before next potential contract

  9. I swear Panthers. Dont run this man to ground!

  10. So we gonna sit here like Allen ain’t 2-0 😂😂

  11. They said he couldn’t be a 3 down back or run between the tackles hahaha

  12. 37 touches were tough yds, but the blocking on the passing plays is incredible. he takes on some big boys, I don't know how wise that is for his career. He's got heart, I'll give em that.

  13. I think this is settling that he's the best back in the league.

    The most diverse, best hands bar none, and one of the top rushers, at least top 5. The combination of skills is making him #1 to me.

  14. Biased media will still say kamara is better

  15. awareness, speed, physicality…. mcaffrey is the best back in the league. he isn't afraid to block or lower his shoulder. he's much stronger this season.

  16. Sly is looking real good with distance!!!!

  17. Plz don't get injured. You are the only one hope in my fantasy team lol

  18. They gonna have mccaffrey play linebacker lol he’s doing everything

  19. I love McCaffrey's game – but MONSTER is HYPERBOLE. But, good W Panthers

  20. The Panthers: Favorite team
    McCaffrey: My new favorite player!!

  21. Best back in the league. Yes better then kamara and zeke. Barkley now he is definitely an argument worth having. But i would still take cmc over him

  22. Saquon will come back, Delvin has come out strong, and Fournette is surging, but Mccaffrey will steadily climb up the ladder of back production. He and Cook may duke it out for top scrimmage yards, but don’t be surprised if CMAC breaks 2,200 this year.

  23. McCaffery is a top 5 RB and it’s not up for debate.

  24. Monster game every game he has is a monster game

  25. I bet his Dad is proud!
    He was no slouch either!

  26. Ok I should’ve listened to my friend to take CMC #1 overall other than Saquon

  27. Could you imagine this guy behind a decent offensive line?

  28. Hes going to fall off, his big games are against sorry Ds. Trade him now.

  29. Stop saying blacks dudes dont love him…….we been loving him since Stanford…..old heads like me remember his father and Elway winning those super bowl……i feel like a proud father watching Christian excel.

  30. This kid is a technician. He perfects what he is good at and doesnt try and be something hes not. He is what Reggie Bush was supposed to be

  31. Why is he still not being talked about consistently on espn etc? Am I missing it? Do they care that he’s on pace to get 2,528 yards? If any other top 5 RB was would they be ignoring it! I don’t get it! And with cam out! I mean cmon if cam was having this type of season it would be talked about 24/7. I hate to bring race into it but is it still just cuz he’s a white RB so people don’t see what he’s doing clearly? They tognk it’s normal for white RBs to catch passes like him and they are just blind to what he does as a runner? I don’t get it

  32. 1st and 10, 8 men in the box. CMC gets 12 yards easy lol good blocking too

  33. This dude is a beast… I wish he play for my Pats

  34. The way he basically produces all their offense both run and pass reminds me of Matt Forte

  35. He needs Cam back healthy. They’re going to run him into the ground.

  36. We lean so heavy on him and he takes such a beating every game. I hope he has a long healthy career.

  37. And that's how you use Cmac …..TAKE NOTE CAM!

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