Cookie Monster chews over a new video game idea -

Cookie Monster chews over a new video game idea

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Legendary game designer Tim Schafer pitches Cookie Monster on his tasty idea for a new Sesame Street game!

For more information about Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster, visit .


  1. When did Cookie Monster get all street Latino? "Stooooreeee Book Weerldd…"

  2. "Me think you've got future in video games, kid. Have a cookie…tink." Win

  3. @shiftprophecygaming Schafer's company, DoubleFine, just bought the rights for Psychonauts off of their original publisher, meaning this is actually a possibility now :3

  4. I seriously hope that Cookie Monster didn't eat the Psychonauts 2 concept art

  5. Psychonauts 2!
    We've waited long enough!!!

  6. I wouldn't want to eat a cookie that made a "clink" sound.

  7. You could see the cookie cracked in half so it's easier to break in the puppets mouth

  8. Need sequel for Psychonauts. And don't forget PC gamer too.

  9. Like this video not so much the game concept dye to it being on Kinect

  10. the new cookie monster voice really sucks….sorry I'm a muppet purist

  11. Cookie Monster foreverrrrrr OMNOMNONMNMONM

  12. @killermachine444
    2001 A Space Odyssey was rated G.

  13. He rocks Tim brutal legend is awesome, don't stop eating cookies cookie monster always loved him!

  14. I just like cookie monster when he does not even listen to Tim and just play with newton balls

  15. @shiftprophecygaming Tim doesnt do Sequels stop complaining

  16. Wait…Tim…you know I love you…but the newly dyed hair looks weird. Embrace your Salt and Pepper sexy hair.

  17. @shiftprophecygaming notch, the guy who made minecraft, has actually offered to fund Psychonauts 2 and they're currently talking about it.

  18. @darcyfrod Day of the Tentacle (sequel to Manic Mansion.)

  19. @hall9111 Obviously my Original Comment was Flawed, But wasnt he still with Lucas Arts then

  20. this made me giggle like a school girl…. cookie is win

  21. cookie monster would be a lot more efficient at eating cookies if he took his time

  22. no they're not, Notch revoked his offer because 40 mil was too much

  23. I agree with Cookie Monster. I want a cookie… oh, and zombies are overdone. C'mon, there are other monsters: Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens, Frankensteins, Chupacabras, Yetis, Fairies (Fairies weren't originally nice, to say the least), Rebel Robots, Demons, Kitsunes, Asuras, Gorgons (aka Medusas), Mermaids (Just like Fairies, originally evil).

    Mummies… okay, not mummies, they're basically bandaged zombies. But I hope all of you get my point.

  24. Ahh, Cookie Monster is doing the Deadpool listening strategy

  25. If it were anyone but Shafer in the pitching seat, they would have just gone the safe and easy route of pitching Yoshi's Cookie HD.

  26. I don't think WarnerMedia would buy Sesame Workshop this year after the pandemic, Warner Bros. only distribute the 2022 film.

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