Dalvin Cook's MONSTER Game w/ 154 Yds & 1 TD | NFL 2019 Highlights - godsandmonstersgame.com

Dalvin Cook’s MONSTER Game w/ 154 Yds & 1 TD | NFL 2019 Highlights

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Dalvin Cook sped past the Packers defense for 154 yards rushing. The Minnesota Vikings take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. Hate the vikes fan base and hate to compliment the Vikings but Dalvin Cook is able to lead rushing yards this year if he keeps this up. He’s a stud but Kirk Cousin is wasting his talent

  2. He is something special. If he stays healthy, I think he will lead the NFL in rushing and possibly break some records. Especially if Kirk continues to struggle. His vision, cutting ability, and explosiveness continues to wow me.

  3. This reminded me of AP when he went for like 208 back in 2012 at GB and ponder threw like 56 yards and 2 picks but this time they had 2 star WRs which makes it worse Kirk is Christian ponder with an arm

  4. Kirk cousins is really holding this team back tho

  5. Dalvin Cook is a home run threat everytime he touch the ball but why they didn't go with the run on 1st and goal in that game.

  6. all that and they still lost because of one guy…

  7. it's like having AP in the division all over again, and as both a packers fan and an FSU fan i'm a bit conflicted.

  8. Look at the bright side vikings fans we only have 2 more yrs of kirk

  9. Us Viking fans are super lucky man. We went from Adrian Peterson to Dalvin Cook. If dalvin can stay healthy for a good 10-12 years we will of had 20 years of elite running back play.

    Cook is top 5. Elliot, Barkley, Kamara, Mcaffery, and Cook. I’ll actually take him over Mcaffery and Kamara, but he has to be consistent before it’s widely accepted

  10. Kirk cousins is ruining this team, if we had a real quarterback we would’ve won this game easily

  11. What if we traded Kirk cousins and a 2nd round 2020 and a 1st 2021 for dak Prescott.Think about it🤔🤔

  12. I made a video getting Saquon Barkley X factor activated in madden 20

  13. I took him as my first pick in my fantasy league and some people were like what? Not anymore

  14. He has never received the credit he should have received at FSU. If he gets with a real quarterback; he’d be unstoppable! What makes him special is primarily 2 things: patience in the backfield to wait for openings (vision) and ability to shed tacklers (shiftiness). But vision is the key.

  15. Football is rigged that saftey was even trying GTFOH this is fake hype for dalvin

  16. One of the best backs I ever seen with my own eyes. He's easily top 5 rb if he's healthy.

  17. dalvin cook was projected to be the best back in the league when he was drafted and before the injuries..i think its his time

  18. That boy got some power for a small frame try it if you want he'll leave you on yo back

  19. I feel like Cousins stabbed me in the back. I stood up for him! "Oh it's his o-line. He needs protection." WTF didn't he throw it away? Cook & Mattison got him there. Just ride their coattails into the end zone. I would accept it, at least better than this, losing if we made Rodgers beat us.

  20. Dalvin cook slice some cheese at lambeau field

  21. As a Seminole fan, I laughed and laughed as teams passed over him in the first round. Please, no Seminole comments LOL.

  22. Gary Kubiak zone blocking scheme. Works wonders for RBs

  23. Dalvin Cook was doing this at FSU. Overlooked running back because of his size. His shiftiness is next level. Watch his FSU highlights to see what this guy can do!

  24. if we had a good QB we would be 2-0

  25. I don't understand. At fsu and his 1st to years, this man would fall on the first hint of contact. Looks much more powerful now.

  26. Imagine paying Keenum a maximum of only 40 mil or so. We can do so much with that extra salary cap🤦🤦🤦more depth and maybe a elite OL

  27. Football is so rigged they doing this for fantasy football fake rigged stats

  28. When thanos finally gets all the stones 🔥🔥 skol

  29. 1:52 if he doesn't trip on rieffs foot that's another huge run for td

  30. Cook dominated this game. Im shocked he didnt touch the ball once before cousins threw the dumbest pic of his career in the redzone.

  31. Our defense still can’t tackle Jesus just wrap up

  32. Is cousins still the weak link or finally have a running back and offense to suit his skillet watch out rest of the league

  33. Best back in the League. Vikes shoulda won this game. Still pisses me off. Kirks on a tear now tho

  34. I just came to watch Stefan Diggs terrific run blocking.. smh .. i would’ve cut him yesterday if I were the Vikings. Gotta have your teams back not just when the ball is coming your way

  35. Cook is hurt to much. Injuries can really delay progress. He's never finished a season healthy. 💀

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