Dauntless - NEW MONSTER GAME, EPIC MULTIPLAYER - Dauntless Gameplay - godsandmonstersgame.com

Dauntless – NEW MONSTER GAME, EPIC MULTIPLAYER – Dauntless Gameplay

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  1. I helped test this game im so happy to see Ryan play this

  2. how do you suck so much? you literally play games all day, record it and put it on youtube

  3. OMG that moment when you jumped the cliff! Epic vid Riot thanks!

  4. Riot trust me. Your not as pale as me X)

  5. riot when you play monster hunter world you should try to get good weapons and stuff you gotta farm monsters to do that though and certain weapons have different elements that add onto damage if a monster is weak to it

  6. when will every body be able to play this game without buying founder packs?

  7. How I download lmao I am on the website I sighned in

  8. I finally understood what TINY RIIIICK meant.

  9. Hey riot whanted to say thank you for leading me to the amazingness that is starship troopers like fr homie that shits the bimb also MEDIC

  10. What the actual fuck are these new ads that appear mid video

    Just realized it was not an ad… but something riot was watching… don roast me please ;(

  11. It's a rip off of the first dark souls 3 mini boss…. except it's easily killed and does barely any damage .3.

  12. It's just a monster hunter knock off stupid rip off

  13. so obvious you hated the game and was a paid promo

  14. When can i play this damn game already? If Dauntless wants any form of fighting chance they better release it as soon as they can lol. my hype is already fading. Monstuer Hunter World be creepin

  15. Oh my god…. that intro was the cringiest shit I've ever seen.

  16. If u like this try playing Monster Hunter

  17. My god… this is almost a carbon copy of MH, and I love it!
    Riot better play MH: World when it comes out!

  18. well since capcom hate us and won't localized MHXX for Switch this gonna be a good substitution.

  19. Monster Hunter Online(CN), 10 times more epic than this,.,.

  20. is this available on steam

  21. If you like that then check out the more original monster hunter

  22. Monster hunter+dauntless= PURE EPICNESS

  23. Who else thinks that the first monster looks like a Ouramboros from monster hunter

  24. These graphics are way better than monster hunter jus sayin. It looks a lot simpler too which I like. Monster hunter and games like dark souls and the Witcher are so overwhelming with all the different buttons and shit and perks and add ons.

  25. i thought you were gamingbeaver for a second

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